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Ring the bells, shout it from the rooftops, it's time for March Student of the Month!

Posted by James Cartwright,

With hindsight it seems like an unusual choice to be showcasing our March Student of the Month feature at the start of April, but what the hell. The Oscars happen in February, meaning they miss out on ten whole months of 2013 films, but we don’t want to miss out on even ten whole days of glorious student-made goodness. So we held our horses and waited a little. And by god did it pay off as this month has been one of the strongest we’ve seen, with incredible entries coming thick and fast from all over the globe.

As ever though, we’ve had to pick three; three students whose work stood out out to us for its originality and flair. With that in mind we’ve got a photographer with a preternaturally talented eye for incredible imagery, a product designer who’s reinvented the grandfather clock and a web designer doing incomprehensibly great things with Tumblr.

But let’s cut to the chase and show off three creatives who can now call themselves It’s Nice That Student of the Month.

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    Albert Elm: What Sort of Life is This?

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    Albert Elm: What Sort of Life is This?

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    Albert Elm: What Sort of Life is This?

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    Albert Elm: What Sort of Life is This?

Albert Elm – What Sort of Life is This?

Albert Elm is a Danish photographer currently studying at Glasgow School of Art. He’s only in his second year (of four) but has already been published in Vice and had his work showcased by Bronze Age Editions. It’s not at all hard too see why either. Albert’s capable of creating imagery that belies his student status. His intuitive eye for engaging imagery and considerable skill with his medium of choice combine to create a body of truly striking photography.

Albert says: “As an attempt to understand the world around me better, I make images of what I think contemporary life looks like; what it could be about and what it feels like. There’s a tendency for things to be boring and trivial when we get used to them. Therefore I try to create an atmosphere that’s beyond everyday life by showing it in a different way. It’s interesting out there if you insist on it and look the right places.”

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    Charlotte Ackemar: Tick Tock Wooden Clock

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    Charlotte Ackemar: Tick Tock Wooden Clock

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    Charlotte Ackemar: Tick Tock Wooden Clock

Charlotte Ackemar – Tick Tock Wooden Clock

The second Scandinavian in this month’s line-up is Swedish designer Charlotte Ackemar, a second year student of Interior and Furniture Design at the prestigious Konstfack in Stockholm. Charlotte’s work stood out in particular because of its conceptual grounding; convincingly exploring the disappearance of freestanding time pieces in contemporary homes and updating their design accordingly.

By breaking down the clock to geometrical forms and lines and bringing the movement of the pendulum into the shape Charlotte believes “a new aesthetic language is created, placing it within a contemporary context. The body is constructed using birch dowels, some of which are steam bent. The clock itself is made of thin birch plywood wrapped around a wooden structure.”
We’d be happy to have one of these guys in the studio.

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    Tristan Bagot: Tumblaster

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    Tristan Bagot: Tumblaster

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    Tristan Bagot: Tumblaster

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    Tristan Bagot: Tumblaster

Tristan Bagot – Tumblaster

When I graduated from university I could barely put together my own Tumblr (I’ve mastered it now, don’t worry) but Tristan Bagot has managed to understand everyone’s favourite image bank so well that he’s developed his own site that lets you muck about with the very fabric of Tumblr itself.

Type in any working Tumblr URL into his Tumblaster site and you’ll be greeted with a complex abstract info graphic that’s based on the information contained on each individual website. The results are a wonderful redux of a fast-paced platform that’s all-too easy to get lost in. Very cool indeed, Tristan.

Currently in his fourth year studying art direction/graphic and digital design at ESAG Penninghem in Paris, Tristan takes a mathematical approach to his design practice; “Science has always fascinated me and in order to understand certain scientific phenomena it is necessary to know advanced stuff in mathematics, physics, and chemistry that are not taught in high school, that’s why I followed a college course in mathematics. However, I realised after that I used to spend more time looking at fashion and graphic design magazines, which are more creative than science. Henceforth, I try to combine science and computing into graphic design.”

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Posted by James Cartwright

James started out as an intern in 2011 and came back in summer of 2012 to work online and latterly as Print Editor, before leaving in May 2015.

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    That’s right guys, we’re back! After a long summer break of lazing around in our underpants and getting part time work in our hometowns it’s back to university to get that creative whip cracking again. You guys are probably about three weeks in to the new academic year now so we thought we’d check in and see how you’ve been spending that time. It turned out you’d all been pretty busy creating some really rather impressive stuff that included some weird sculptures and some terrific photography. In the end though we had to pick three people to wear that crown of red plastic cups and here they are, our Students Of The Month!

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    June, you miserable swine, you’ve brought us nothing but grim, rainy mornings interspersed with the occasional suggestion of summery climes to follow. You’ve given with one hand and then taken away with both. You’ve left us bereft of hope and yearning for some kind of beachy holiday that will allow us to forget our miserable country and its pathetic excuse for a summer, if only just for a week. You better not be like June, July, or we’ll be pissed off.

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    Everyone hates emails don’t they? Trawling through giant inboxes full of rubbish from the nether regions of the internet, trying desperately to maintain an interest in what anyone has to say. Not us! We’ve just spent the morning sifting through over 120 submissions for May’s edition of Student Of The Month and we’re delighted to say that we’ve had a great time. In fact the only thing that’s getting us down is that we’ve had to whittle the selection down to only three. We wish we could’ve picked more.

  4. Sotm-list

    Ahoy there students! We’ve got another announcement for you. You know how just there other day we launched our Represent-sponsored The Graduates 2013? In all the excitement you probably thought we’d forgotten about Student of The Month didn’t you? But we haven’t – not at all – and in the relentless fashion of one of our favourite monthly features it’s back for May 2013. As ever, the deadline is tight (you’ve got until next Tuesday, May 28) but we’ve got every faith in you, so get sending in your work!

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    Just as day follows night and night follows day, May must follow April in quick succession (it’s the law). But just before we say our fond farewells to the month of afternoon rain showers and blossoming trees, there’s just enough time to say hello (or bonjour, or ciao depending on your personal preference) to three new additions to the It’s Nice That Student Of The Month roster.

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    Ah April, hello there old friend. You’ve arrived in characteristic style bringing with you blue skies, warm afternoons and the waft of freshly-cut grass meandering its way through the air. What’s that? You haven’t? It’s still just bitter, icy rain and gale-force winds? Stuff you April, you’ve changed, and we don’t like the month you’ve become.

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    With hindsight it seems like an unusual choice to be showcasing our March Student of the Month feature at the start of April, but what the hell. The Oscars happen in February, meaning they miss out on ten whole months of 2013 films, but we don’t want to miss out on even ten whole days of glorious student-made goodness. So we held our horses and waited a little. And by god did it pay off as this month has been one of the strongest we’ve seen, with incredible entries coming thick and fast from all over the globe.

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    Oh hi there students, how’s things with you? We just wanted to check in to remind you that it’s March now, which means that pretty soon we’re going to be looking for our March students of the month – and when I say soon, what I really mean is right this minute! So if you’ve got some new work that you’re seriously proud of, or even some old work that you just want us to shout about for you then get sending it in, because we want to see it.

  9. List_12.44.11

    So here they are, our top three students of this month – meet photographerJoe Earley, product designer HyunYoung Park and illustrator Cynthia Kittler. Out of all the entries this month (and there were a lot!) we really felt that these three had submitted not just something original and very high quality, but also projects that seemed advanced for their tender years. Our relaunched Student of The Month competition is kindly supporetd by Laurence King and the three winners will receive a book each as well as our undying love and respect.

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    Things have been quiet on the Student of the Month front lately, but that’s not because we’ve forgotten about you guys out there in full-time education, it’s because we’ve been trying our darndest to think of the best way to put your work out there and give you the recognition you deserve. We figured there had to be a way to shout about all the talented students of the world even louder and more frequently than we currently do. So we’ve had a bit of a rethink and changed things up; meaning there’s a brand new format, but still the best student work, worldwide, being showcased on our site.

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    Here we have it, our brand spanking new Students of the Month! Hailing all the way from Vancouver, Knauf and Conrad are in their fourth year of studying at Emily Carr University and produced this rather beautiful Profile Chair last year. Of all our entries this month, Conrad and Knauf showed a rare knack for collaboration and a strong sense of the importance of the finished product. This subtle yet incredibly beautiful chair is a testament to how well they work together as a duo, which we will hear much more about below (along with some top tips on how to make your student work as lucrative as possible).

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    Gather round everyone! We have a new student of the month, and boy is she unique! Drawing inspiration from Frida Kahlo, and using imagery usually found in Renaissance murals or Monty Python opening credits, Daphne’s huge illustrations and animations depict whole new worlds of gods vs mortals tomfoolery. In time out of her rigorous RCA schedule, Daphne was kind enough to answer some questions for us about the inspiration and routine behind her fantastically unique illustration.

  13. James-t-edmondson-list

    It’s safe to say James T Edmondson has a skill but more than that is a positive attitude towards his practice that really shows in the making. Lettering and type – hand-drawn and digitally rendered, research and contextual statements, multiple weights and infinite applications – are his artistic bent, the results of which are not what you would immediately marry up to his undergraduate status. But that he is, a senior studying graphic design at the California College of Arts in San Francisco and our Student of the Month.