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Studio Audience: This week with fashion, crystal meth and the return of the king

Posted by James Cartwright,

Hey kids, Daddy’s back in the hot seat this week (Rob insists that we call him that), returned from his polar adventures and ready to take you on an art and design voyage like you’ve never experienced before – unless you’ve listened to the podcast before, in which case you’re probably quite familiar with the format. Let’s roll.

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Section One

  • Owens

    Rick Owens’ show at London Fashion Week

In the first section we discussed Rick Owens’ latest show at London Fashion Week and wondered whether it was as ground-breaking as people had hoped, took a closer look at Thomas Cook’s new in-house designed logo and introduced the work of Phil Toledano whose practice explores censorship in the Arab world.

  • Main

    Mr. Toledano: The Absent Portrait

  • Cook

    Thomas Cook Logo

Section Two

  • Breaking

    Breaking Bad

Section two saw us looking at Sarah Lucas’ body parts after a visit to her new show at The Whitechapel Gallery and mourning the loss of Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad, a show that’s captured the world’s interest like no other.

  • Top-2

    Sarah Lucas: Au Naturel, 1994


Posted by James Cartwright

James started out as an intern in 2011 and is now one of our two editors. He oversees Printed Pages magazine and content wise has a special interest in graphic design and illustration. He also runs our online shop Company of Parrots and is a regular on our Studio Audience podcast.