Product Design: Studio Swine help you make furniture on the move!

Posted by James Cartwright,

Studio Swine have found themselves back in São Paulo where they’re continuing to produce some seriously exciting work that makes extraordinary use of recycled materials. Last time we checked in with them they were recycling beer bottles to use as lighting fixtures, but they’ve taken their sustainable objectives even further, democratising the means of production for the city’s population.

Realising that aluminium cans are available in abundance on the streets of Brazil’s capital, the Swine team have produced a mobile foundry that runs on waste vegetable oil collected from local cafes. With it users can create instant furniture formed from moulds manufactured on location. It’s not just stools that these foundries can produce either, these are simply the first run of a diverse range of products that can be built cheaply and sustainably and, most importantly, on the move.

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    Studio Swine: Can City

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    Studio Swine: Can City

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    Studio Swine: Can City

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    Studio Swine: Can City


Posted by James Cartwright

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