A John Baldessari film narrated by Tom Waits created by Supermarché? Yes please

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman – who work collectively as Supermarché – crashed into the collective creative consciousness with their extraordinary 2010 documentary Catfish. The duo also worked on the latter offerings in the Paranormal Activity franchise but it’s in the short film section of their website that we found this utter gem. Despite being one of the most significant artistic figures living and working today, John Baldessari is not easy to describe or define, until now. This six-minute film, produced for the Los Angeles County Musuem of Art’s inaugural Art + Film gala, is an extraordinary introduction to the man and his work. It touches on everything from his rules of making art to his dog Giotto, from his decision to cremate all his paintings to the fact he needs an extra peephole because he’s so tall. Funny, inspiring, informative, sweet and brilliantly-paced, what more could you want from an artistic short film? Narrated by Tom Waits? Ok, sure, you’ve got it…

  • Jb1

    Supermarché: A Brief History of John Baldessari (still)

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    Supermarché: A Brief History of John Baldessari (still)

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    Supermarché: A Brief History of John Baldessari (still)

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    Supermarché: A Brief History of John Baldessari (still)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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