• Swan2

    The swan ready for its adventure (Pic courtesy of Anonymous Bosch).

  • Swan1

    The intrepid pair off the Sussex coast (Pic courtesy of Anonymous Bosch).

  • Swan4

    Enjoying the calm (Pic courtesy of Anonymous Bosch).

  • Swan5

    Iain and Andrew in fetching swan-themed clothes (Pic courtesy of Anonymous Bosch).

  • Swan6

    Alan Moore and Stewart Lee (Pic courtesy of Anonymous Bosch).

  • Swan3

    Navigating one of the overland stretches (Pic courtesy of Anonymous Bosch).


Posted by Rob Alderson,

Got plans for this Friday? Pub? Cinema? What you’re probably not doing is completing a mammoth swan pedalo adventure from the Hastings coast all the way to the Olympic site in Hackney. And why not? Because you are neither artist Andrew Kotting nor psychogeographer Iain Sinclair, who describe their extraordinary trip “as as an act of ‘Dada performance’ or as a response to the spirit of Olympic diversity and ambition.” They have been helped along the way by a diverse range of pedalo-fans, including Alan Moore and Stewart Lee, and a film is in the pipeline. A swantastic effort all round!

Pictures courtesy of Anonymous Bosch and his excellent Flickr photostream.


Posted by Rob Alderson

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