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    Trey Wright: Collage

Trey Wright shows us some sweet looking (bad smelling) flowers in his chaotic artwork

Posted by Liv Siddall,

It’s clear when an illustrator has got something going on when they have a carrion plant (a tropical flower that gives off a smell of rotting meat to attract filthy flies and insects) just plopped right in the middle of a collection of images that are otherwise filled with swimming pools, ponytails and cacti.

Trey Wright, from Dallas, creates images ranging from chaotic forest paintings to Hockney-inspired collages – all infused with an element of fauna in some shape or form. We could, technically, draw some cheesy comparison between his work and the carrion plant featured in a few of his pictures, and how its bright colours drew us in like the rotting flesh-obsessed flies that we are, but that would be silly. And, let’s be honest, the only stench coming off Trey’s work is that of wonder and joy.

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    Trey Wright: Collage

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    Trey Wright

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    Trey Wright

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    Trey Wright: Collage

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    Trey Wright: Collage

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    Trey Wright: Painting

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    TreyWright: Painting

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    Trey Wright: Collage

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    Trey Wright: Collage


Posted by Liv Siddall

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