• Ted-parker-lead

    Ted Parker: The Easy Way Down (30 x40)

Ted Parker does illustrations of dogs that play basketball and wear fedoras

Posted by Bryony Quinn,

I don’t do favourites but I do do top threes. Top three subject matter involving an animal featured in a Ted Parker illustration: smoking dog; drinking dolphin; lions playing basketball. Top three stylistic devices used by Ted to obliterate reality and replace it a better, funner, happier one: salad servers for hands and feet; horseshoe shaped ankles; trans-gender, disturbingly happy dot-dot-dot-half-circle faces. Top three illustrators right this moment, right now: Ted Parker; Ted Parker; Ted Parker. His work just kills me it makes me so happy.

  • Ted-parker-1

    Ted Parker: Waikstock – Illustration for Festival Flyer

  • Ted-parker-2

    Ted Parker: Lionmountain (50×65)

  • Ted-parker-5

    Ted Parker: Good Day to You Too (30×40)

  • Ted-parker-7

    Ted Parker: Art Aprecciation (40×70)

  • Ted-parker-8

    Ted Parker: Drinking Buddies (50×60)

  • Ted-parker-9

    Ted Parker: Doggy Defense (40×50)

  • Ted-parker-11

    Ted Parker: Trouser Snake (30 x40)

  • Ted-parker-12

    Ted Parker: Cigarette Break (70×40)

  • Ted-parker-14

    Ted Parker: Ladies Love Cool Ted (50×60)


Posted by Bryony Quinn

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