Clear your diary – you need to make some Hyperlapse films with Google Street View

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Memo to your boss – this afternoon may reach new heights of unproductiveness. Heck, you might as well stick an out-of-office on your emails as well because this Google Street View Hyperlapse tool is about to take over your day. Developed by Toronto-based digital studio Teehan + Lax, it draws on Street View’s vast resources of imagery to create supercool “films,” described as as a combination of “time-lapse and sweeping camera movements typically focused on a point-of-interest.” Simply by dropping pins into Google maps you can create your own version (which the universal human impulse dictates will focus on your house) but be aware you really need Google Chrome and a good wifi connection. Check out what the Teehan + Lax guys did above but then get cracking yourself right here.

  • Svh1

    Teehan + Lax: Googler Street View Hyperlapse (still)

  • Svh3

    Teehan + Lax: Googler Street View Hyperlapse (still)

  • Svh4

    Teehan + Lax: Googler Street View Hyperlapse (still)

  • Svh5

    Teehan + Lax: Googler Street View Hyperlapse (still)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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