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    Teju Behun: Drawing From The City

Indian folk artist Teju Behun's visual autobiography is a real treat

Posted by Rob Alderson,

We don’t feature too much creative work from India but we were absolutely blown away by this sumptuous book Drawing From The City. It’s a visual autobiography of Teju Behun, a folk artist and performer whose gorgeous, intricate illustrations chart her journey from her childhood, through her marriage and life as a wandering musician to meditations on cars, planes and bicycles. Silkscreen printed by hand, the sheer quality of the book as an object means you want to pore over each page for hours, submitting to the skilful worlds she creates which soar above the simple, poetic prose.

The next time I hear a cocksure “print is dead” peddler I am going to track them down and make them read this book, which creates the kind of experience a Kindle can only dream of.

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    Teju Behun: Drawing From The City

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    Teju Behun: Drawing From The City

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    Teju Behun: Drawing From The City

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    Teju Behun: Drawing From The City

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    Teju Behun at work


Posted by Rob Alderson

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