A cinematic trailer by Tell No One for the National Gallery's new Tititan inspired show, Metamorphosis

Posted by Bryony Quinn,

This isn’t the first cinematic trailer/featurette a top gallery has produced for their “blockbuster” exhibition – for a while now, institutes have doubtless realised the potential viral power of such films for garnering interest from an audience who may not be in the same country, let alone the same city, as the gallery. The latest big-time show at London’s National Gallery is particularly well suited to a cineaste tastes as they present three definitive works by the Italian master Titian; his Metamorphosis paintings of Ovid’s Acteon and Diana.

In three-and-a-half minutes Tell No One, the directorial duo Luke White and Remi Weekes, create a stunning, fantastical interpretation of the renowned myth featuring Anna Friel and a guy that looks like a deer (great casting!). Contemporised into the dining room of a country estate, the titular Acteon gets one beguiling look from Friel’s goddess Diana from across the roast partridge and is emboldened to walk in on her in the bathroom.

Cue brilliantly executed scenes of anthropomorphism and deft editing of what could easily have appeared to be a rushed job if it wasn’t for the large and appropriately painterly framing of each scene. Titian would be proud.

  • Metamorphoses-7

    Tell No One: Metamorphosis (still)

  • Metamorphoses-6

    Tell No One: Metamorphosis (still)

  • Metamorphoses-5

    Tell No One: Metamorphosis (still)

  • Metamorphoses-4

    Tell No One: Metamorphosis (still)

  • Metamorphoses-2

    Tell No One: Metamorphosis (still)

  • Metamorphoses-3

    Tell No One: Metamorphosis (still)


Posted by Bryony Quinn

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