• Lead

    Terrence Payne: My Mushroom Cloud Will Look Like Flowers (detail)

Check out these stunning typographic artworks by Terrence Payne

Posted by James Cartwright,

Following on in the great American tradition of painting enormous slogans into beautiful pieces of art (think Ed Ruscha and Wayne White) is Minneapolis artist Terrence Payne. Terrence’s richly detailed oil pastel works incorporate typographic messages, buried within candy-stripe patterns and formed from lovingly rendered fabrics, making him a much needed addition to an art world that so often leaves the hard graft to studio hands.

  • Candy-armadillos

    Terrence Payne: Candy Armadillos

  • Knots

    Terrence Payne: Knots

  • Later

    Terrence Payne: I Will See The Future And It Will Be Stupid

  • Feed

    Terrence Payne: Mushroom Clouds (detail)

  • Mushroomclouds

    Terrence Payne: My Mushroom Cloud Will Look Like Flowers

  • Readyornot

    Terrence Payne: Ready Or Not

  • Liveforever

    Terrence Payne: You Can Live Forever

  • Tugonmyshroud

    Terrence Payne: Tug On My Shroud


Posted by James Cartwright

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