• Tetris-lead

    Michael Johansson: Recollecting Koganecho, 2012. Furniture, household items.

Michael Johansson’s grand-scale Tetris features computers, keyboards and cars

Posted by Anna Trench,

Ah, Tetris. The primary coloured, geometric video game that happily whiled away so many primary school hours. If you’re good at it, it can give you an early taster of a job well done. It’s just a shame the same compartmentalizing technique can’t be used for all the 3D stuff that gathers when you grow up.

Except Michael Johansson shows it can. We first mentioned the Swedish artist’s installations (or practical storage solutions) in 2010 but now that they’re back, bigger and better, we thought we’d make room for them again. Packing together ping-pong tables, washing machines, drawers, boxes, shelves, sinks, suitcases, keyboards, computers, TVs and even cars to create a compact, colourful maze, these really do make the eyes boggle. With a fair few objects pre-dating the original game and others you can’t quite work out the use of, Johansson’s miscellaneous Tetris on a grand-scale is seriously cool.

  • Recollecting_koganecho-6

    Michael Johansson: Recollecting Koganecho, 2012. Furniture, household items.

  • Michael_johansson_03

    Michael Johansson: Tetris – Witte De With, 2011. Furniture, cabinets, refrigerator, electric piano, boxes, sofa, etc.

  • Komplementar-2

    Michael Johansson: Komplementär, 2012. Coloured furniture, coloured objects.

  • Self-contained-1

    Michael Johansson: Self Contained, 2010. Containers, caravan, tractor, Volvo, pallets, refrigerators, etc.

  • Michael_johansson_02

    Michael Johansson: Tetris – Geozavod, 2012. Objects from the storage room at Geozavod.

  • Michael_johansson_04

    Michael Johansson: The Move Overseas, 2012. Containers, household items.

  • Horror_vacui-ait-1

    Michael Johansson: Horror Vacui – AIT, 2011. Objects from the storage room at AIT.

  • Tetris-landskrona_museum-1-1

    Michael Johansson: Tetris – Landskrona Museum, 2011. Objects from the storage room at Landskrona Museum.


Posted by Anna Trench

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