• Rodina-lead

    The Rodina: MIDI LIDI: KINDIGO! 2012 / Motion, Vj

The Rodina claims to be "vampire supermodernism graphic design" – we concur

Posted by Bryony Quinn,

Nothing says fun design like cartoon appendages being used as graphic devices, so that would make The Rodina (made up by Vit Musil, Radim Petruška and Tereza Rullerová) very fun indeed. Unapologetically aesthetic glitches and textures with a graphic vernacular that sounds/looks like – without taking itself too seriously – more art than design, but still equally as communicative.

From VJ animations to a whole load of posters and flyers and identities, classic design this is not. However, the quality and consistency of the studio’s prolific output will no doubt afford it longevity, delivered as it seemingly is from its own principality where the ruling leader is the God of Internet, the most Honourable Post Modern.

  • Rodina-1

    The Rodina: FRAME 011 OPEN! 2012 / Flyer, Poster

  • Rodina-3

    The Rodina: trümmerhaufen 2012 / Poster, Visual identity

  • Rodina-4

    The Rodina: PINPOINT PINPOINT 2012 / Poster, Visual identity

  • Rodina-7

    The Rodina: MIDILIDI 2012 / Art, Poster

  • Rodina-6

    The Rodina: MIDILIDI 2012 / Art, Poster

  • Rodina-8

    The Rodina: Hygiena 2012 / Art, Poster, Social


Posted by Bryony Quinn

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