• Theo

    Théo Gennitsakis: Smile

Very naughty, but very nice – the sumptuous digital illustrations of Théo Gennitsakis

Posted by Liv Siddall,

Cheeky, gritty, cheesy, shameless – not all words you’d associate with the sort of uninhibited joy that comes from viewing these saucy illustrations by Theo Gennotsakis. Much like the strange appeal of the spray-painted babes you see on fairground rides, or the airbrush mountain scenes lining the sides of holiday coaches, there’s a certain cheapness in Theo’s creations that immediately draws you in. Whilst working for years as an art director for companies such as Nike, Hermes, Adidas and Chanel, Theo kept up his personal work and now boasts a stunningly pastel-infused portfolio that he uses to reel in potential collaborators, welcoming them into his world which, in his words, is ’kitsch, funny and surprising…"

  • Tg1

    Théo Gennitsakis: Fanie

  • Paradis

    Théo Gennitsakis: Paradis

  • Nicedrovia

    Théo Gennitsakis: L’atruche

  • Milkyway

    Théo Gennitsakis: Milky Way

  • Cocard

    Théo Gennitsakis: Cocard

  • Smile

    Théo Gennitsakis: Smile


Posted by Liv Siddall

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