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Acute architectural renderings of grand French buildings by Thibaud Herem

Posted by Bryony Quinn,

Thibaud Herem is one bleeding-edge draftsman with such attention for hand-rendered detail that he makes forensics look like a game of eye-spy. For his latest update, his architectural fascination has turned homewards with two depictions of extraordinary buildings on French soil: The Staint-George swimming pool in Rennes, one of the first public pools in France, and the villa Les Rhumbs, childhood home and museum of Christian Dior.

We came to know Thibaud, a London-based illustrator, through his minutiae renderings of residential streets, both celebration and careful documentation of architectural nuances and the customisations of their inhabitants. With such infinite subject matter and attentive graphic style, we will be very likely return to Thibaud’s world again and again – the view is pretty spectacular.

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    Thibaud Herem: Piscine Saint-George, Rennes

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    Thibaud Herem: Piscine Saint-George, Rennes

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    Thibaud Herem: Villa Les Rhumbs

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    Thibaud Herem: Villa Les Rhumbs

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    Thibaud Herem: Villa Les Rhumbs


Posted by Bryony Quinn

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