• Toby-leigh-lead2

    Toby Leigh: polite scam artist

Enter Tobatron/Toby Leigh - the wittiest retro janus-faced illustrator around

Posted by Anna Trench,

It’s a bit dull having just the one identity so why not ape a cartoon hero and create two? Toby Leigh sketches dodgy Londoners, makes little comics and uses 0.3mm mechanical pencils. Tobatron creates retro instruction manual parodies, produces satirical tea towels and prefers Adobe suite.

Both provide some of the wittiest illustrations around. With the sharpest observational eye, Toby Leigh and Tobatron can nail a character from trainers to hair in a few lines. He’s got a faded colour palette so good you’ll want to eat it and he can turn his slick style from editorial to tote bags in a flash. No wonder he’s worked for The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent, Sony, FHM, Vodaphone, Channel 4 and Volkswagon. Oh, and his anti-Olympic bags have just been bagged by the V&A. One for the bookmarks bar.

  • Toby-leigh-73

    Toby Leigh: Mr DVD

  • Tobatron-cover-illustration-for-guardian-money-section53-1

    Toby Leigh: Guardian Money

  • Tobatron-towel-photo

    Tobatron: tea towels

  • Tobatron-olympic-bags

    Tobatron: Olympic bags

  • Tobatron-how-to-train-like-wolverine-fhm46

    Tobatron: FHM – how to train like wolverine

  • Toby-leigh-sketch-book48

    Toby Leigh: sketchbook

  • Toby-leigh-sketchbook-dog39

    Toby Leigh: sketchbook

  • Tobatron-radio-times-spread50

    Tobatron: Radio times spread

  • Djs-complaining-and-toby-leigh--no.1

    DJs Complaining and Toby Leigh: no.1


Posted by Anna Trench

Anna is a writer and illustrator who joined us as an editorial intern after studying at Cambridge University and Falmouth university. She wrote for the site between January and March 2013.