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    Tom Edwards: Ćaute (detail)

Pieter Bruegel crossed with Where's Wally: Tom Edwards' joyous new show – The Procession to Ćaute

Posted by Liv Siddall,

It’s no use trying to hide how much we all love Tom Edwards. He was one of our 2012 Graduates, we write about him every chance we get, and when we don’t see or hear from him for a while we feel a kind of unexplained sadness. Maybe it’s his strangely crude, medieval imagination, maybe it’s his unbridled passion for cats, but it’s probably just because everything he does has a magic to it that, to this day, I’ve certainly never heard anyone deny.

Tom’s solo show at London’s Beach Gallery opened last week to a crowd of eager fans spilling out on to the street. Months in the making, Tom’s pieces on display – surrounded by a selection of pottery and a specially-made rugs – pretty much took the breath away from all those who came to view it. The first print on the wall depicts a Where’s Wally-rivallingly detailed medieval procession through a town riddled with cats towards some sort of magical temple, the interior of which we see in the second large print. Turns out, not surprisingly, that lurking in the temple is an enormous cat, to which the almost Pieter Bruegel-like characters worship and bring offerings.

Sound good? It really is. In Tom’s own words, the show is “the cat’s pyjamas”, so get yourself there before it closes on June 24.

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    Tom Edwards: The Procession to Ćaute (close-up)

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    Tom Edwards: The Procession to Ćaute

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    Tom Edwards: Ash offering

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    Tom Edwards: Procession Person 2

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    Tom Edwards: The Procession to Ćaute (close-up)

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    Tom Edwards: Ćaute Rug

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    Tom Edwards: The Procession to Ćaute (close-up)

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    Tom Edwards: The Procession to Ćaute (close-up)

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Posted by Liv Siddall

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