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    Tom Nagy: LEGO for WIRED UK (Newly minted LEGO minifig heads. The figures first appeared in 1978.) (detail)

Photography: Tom Nagy goes behind the scenes at LEGO HQ for brilliant WIRED UK feature

Posted by Rob Alderson,

From famous football goals to scenes from Game of Thrones, LEGO re-enactments have become de rigeur in the online battle for eyeballs. It has such cultural clout that “LEGO” is even a topic hub on the Wired website and now the magazine have decided to delve a little deeper, sending photographer Tom Nagy to the company’s Denmark HQ to show us what goes on behind the scenes.

The resulting photographs are tremendous – from soaring storage rooms to state-of-the-art manufacturing and playful al fresco sculptures, this excellent photo-essay gives you a real sense of the huge machine being this longtime children’s favourite. There’s also some amazing facts andy figures as you’d expect from Wired such as the original LEGO colours were inspired by the painter Piet Mondrian or that the storage rooms hold a billion bricks. Yikes!

You can see the rest of this feature in the October 2013 issue of WIRED UK which is on sale now.

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    Tom Nagy: LEGO for WIRED UK (These giant bricks are in the original LEGO colours, inspired by painter Piet Mondrian. His influence is also evident in the architecture of these office buildings on the LEGO campus.)

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    Tom Nagy: LEGO for WIRED UK (Boxes of LEGO are stacked 23 metres high in one of four storage rooms, holding around a billion bricks in total. Robotic cranes fetch decoration or packaging parts.)

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    Tom Nagy: LEGO for WIRED UK (Plastic granulate is sucked through a system of hoses to the injectionmoulding machines, where it is heated to a toothpaste-like consistency for moulding.)

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    Tom Nagy: LEGO for WIRED UK (Newly minted LEGO minifig heads. The figures first appeared in 1978.)

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    WIRED UK October 2013 is out now


Posted by Rob Alderson

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