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Music Video: Wriggles and Robins create steamy new promo for Travis

Posted by Maisie Skidmore,

Travis are back, and they’ve brought a lovely music video directed by Wriggles and Robins along with them! This one seems to make a heavy reference to everybody’s favourite moment in Pocahontas, when the wise old medicine man makes a running hare appear in the smoke over a log fire (no? Just me?) but Travis’ version is a brilliantly animated tiny man who condenses in the exhaled breath of the band members.

One by one, they use their admirable lung capacity to put this little breathy man through his paces – sending him spinning through space, swimming away from sharks, dodging explosions and falling down Travis’ equivalent of Alice’s rabbit hole. All of which, as you can imagine, makes for very gripping watching, until finally (spoiler alert!) the poor little apparition falls right into Fran Healy’s cuppa. Beguilingly simple, the animation was actually created before shooting and then projected into the band’s breath as they sang outside on a cold night, which goes to show that there’s still nothing more enchanting than finding out that an effect so impressive-looking that it seems to be post production, is actually just a clever trick of the light.

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    Travis: Moving

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    Travis: Moving


Posted by Maisie Skidmore

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