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    Two Times Elliott: Twenty Two – Dn&Co

Graphic Design: Two Times Elliott celebrate five years with Twenty Two posters

Posted by James Cartwright,

This month west London-based design studio Two Times Elliott turned five and naturally felt some kind of celebration was in order. To ensure that the event passed with an appropriate amount of revelry, they commissioned 22 design studios to produce prints based on the number two. Friends from far and wide, including Colophon, Hyperkit, Studio Makgill and Hort, all produced a unique screen print that was hand-pulled by Thomas Murphy and displayed last Thursday in a one-off show. If you couldn’t make it down for a slice of the action the prints are now for sale online with proceeds going to Cancer Research UK. If only all fifth birthdays were so well-planned.

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    Two Times Elliott: Twenty Two – Banziger Hug

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    Two Times Elliott: Twenty Two – Bunch Design

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    Two Times Elliott: Twenty Two – Colophon

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    Two Times Elliott: Twenty Two – Daniel Mather

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    Two Times Elliott: Twenty Two – Heydays

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    Two Times Elliott: Twenty Two – Dn&Co


Posted by James Cartwright

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