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    Jack Featherstone: Uniform Wares 12:24 (detail)

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LDF 2012: Top graphic talent create new work for Uniform Wares

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Time can be a tricky concept for creatives – too much of it and it suggests you’re underemployed, too little and it’s a race against the clock to make your difficult deadline. To promote the launch of their new range of watches, Uniform Wares commissioned 12 graphic artists to produce a print inspired by a certain hour that has a significant place in their work.

Thanks to an insane roster of some of our absolute favourites – from Anthony Burrill and Hellovon to Jack Featherstone and James Joyce – the results were really great with most of the participants going off in weird and wonderful directions. There’s also a really excellent animation from Alice Dupree to promote the show which ran in east London during the latter part of last week.

  • Uw-12.24--erica-dorn

    Erica Dorn: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24--marius-roosendaal

    Marius Roosendall: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24--martin-nicolausson

    Martin Nicolausson: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24-anthony-burrill

    Anthony Burrill: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24-craig-_-karl

    Craig & Karl: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24-ed-ward

    Ed Ward: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24-hellovon

    Hellovon: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24-james-joyce

    James Joyce: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24-michael-hernan

    Michael Hernan: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24-michael-spoljaric

    Michael Spoljaric: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24-stone-_-spear

    Stone Spear: Uniform Wares 12:24


Posted by Rob Alderson

Rob joined It’s Nice That as Online Editor in July 2011 before becoming Editor-in-Chief and working across all editorial projects including itsnicethat.com, Printed Pages, Here and Nicer Tuesdays. Rob left It’s Nice That in June 2015.

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    The Kenjio Sano-designed 2020 Tokyo Olympics logos have been unveiled. The Japanese graphic designer and founder of Tokyo-based studio MR_DESIGN created both the Olympics and Paralympics logos, using a red circle in each to reference the Japanese flag. These form a pattern with blocks of grey and gold. Elements of the pattern are isolated to form a letter T for the Olympic logo – said to represent “Tokyo, Tomorrow and Team” – while the Paralympic logo uses those shapes to form a vertical equals sign.

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    Digital studio FIELD is something of an anomaly in the realms of both design and technology. Known for its striking audio-visual installations and pioneering artwork for digital platforms, the London-based duo Marcus Wendt and Vera-Maria Glahn’s creations are always as beautiful as they are cutting-edge. We waxed lyrical about its video storytelling application Energy Flow back in 2012, which brought together ten films that could be viewed in endless sequences and from any angle. Most recently, FIELD teamed up with typeface library Monotype to explore the future of typography with three installations, asking how type can become responsive, or even emotional, and still be communicative.

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  11. Made-by-sawdust-itsnicethat-list-2

    When Nike Jordan approaches you with NBA champion Kobe Bryant’s name and existing brand identity, and asks you to create a fully functioning bespoke typeface to accompany it, the pressure is on you to deliver something good. Fortunately, Sawdust, AKA Jonathan Quainton and Rob Gonzalez, is more or less au fait with work of this calibre, having worked on typography and identity projects for clients like The New York Times and Coca-Cola. 

  12. Timeline_promo_2geographical-north-its-nice-that-list

    We regularly harp on about the union of great music and great design, but when projects like Geographic North come into our vision so regularly, who can blame us. The label is about graphic design as much as it is about music, founded by design graduate Farbod Kokabi and radio music director Farzad Moghaddam back in 2008. They were later joined by pals Bobby Power and Lee Summers, who formed the formidable team that now releases records with beautifully abstract, clean and bright sleeves and covers.

  13. Dalziel-_-pow-rebrand-its-nice-that-list

    Surely the toughest client there could be is yourself. So it’s always rather intriguing to hear about design agencies rebranding themselves, and imagining the endless wranglings such a project must entail. We reckon London-based design agency Dalziel&Pow hasn’t done too bad though, launching a newly playful identity to bring it firmly up to date. According to the consultancy, the previous logo “just didn’t feel like us anymore – not all that surprising considering it was created over 15 years ago.”