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    Jack Featherstone: Uniform Wares 12:24 (detail)

LDF 2012: Top graphic talent create new work for Uniform Wares

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Time can be a tricky concept for creatives – too much of it and it suggests you’re underemployed, too little and it’s a race against the clock to make your difficult deadline. To promote the launch of their new range of watches, Uniform Wares commissioned 12 graphic artists to produce a print inspired by a certain hour that has a significant place in their work.

Thanks to an insane roster of some of our absolute favourites – from Anthony Burrill and Hellovon to Jack Featherstone and James Joyce – the results were really great with most of the participants going off in weird and wonderful directions. There’s also a really excellent animation from Alice Dupree to promote the show which ran in east London during the latter part of last week.

  • Uw-12.24--erica-dorn

    Erica Dorn: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24--marius-roosendaal

    Marius Roosendall: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24--martin-nicolausson

    Martin Nicolausson: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24-anthony-burrill

    Anthony Burrill: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24-craig-_-karl

    Craig & Karl: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24-ed-ward

    Ed Ward: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24-hellovon

    Hellovon: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24-james-joyce

    James Joyce: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24-michael-hernan

    Michael Hernan: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24-michael-spoljaric

    Michael Spoljaric: Uniform Wares 12:24

  • Uw-12.24-stone-_-spear

    Stone Spear: Uniform Wares 12:24


Posted by Rob Alderson

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