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    Untitled: Rtex Printemps 2012 (detail)

Parisian studio Untitled impress with some quietly confident graphic work

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Coming up with a name for anything can be a real trial, and something that seems confidently gamechanging one day can sound trite, ugly and ridiculous the next. Kudos then to Hadrien Lopez and Philippe Ortion whose Parisian design studio is called simply Untitled, following in the footsteps of many an indecisive/enigmatic artist.

But though they seem a little enigmatic (my natural reaction to our tres cool cross-Channel cousins) there’s certainly nothing indecisive about their quietly effective branding, graphics and typography. Able to turn their hands to diverse briefs without sacrificing the consistent high quality, Untitled may not be flashy but they are seriously good. Pick of the new updates for me is this invitation for the Rtex spring collection – a series of tricky visual puzzles with a clean, simple aesthetic – but it’s also interesting to see some of the fun they’ve been having with new fonts.

Untitled they may be, uninteresting they certainly are not.

  • Projet_rtex3_02

    Untitled: Rtex Printemps 2012

  • Projet_rtex3_03

    Untitled: Rtex Printemps 2012

  • Projet_rtex3_05

    Untitled: Rtex Printemps 2012

  • Projet_rtex3_01

    Untitled: Rtex Printemps 2012

  • U1

    Untitled: Le Mercoeur

  • U2

    Untitled: Le Mercoeur

  • U3

    Untitled: Le Mercoeur

  • Projet_alphabeteunam01

    Untitled: Eunam

  • Projet_alphabetsegu01

    Untitled: Segu


Posted by Rob Alderson

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