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    Ping Zhu: Post-it 8

The excellent Ping Zhu just keeps getting better. Check out these updates...

Posted by James Cartwright,

It’s been ages since we featured any of Ping Zhu’s work, which means (because she’s a supremely in-demand, freelance-illustrating genius) that she’s got an absolute shed-load of updates on her site. Since we last met Ping’s been working for Plansponsor, The New York Times and The New Yorker on an almost weekly basis it seems, in between whiles finding time to put together an impressive installation at this year’s Pick Me Up and fill up a home-made sketchbook with work that she’s documenting on her blog. Because of this slavish attitude to work Ping’s illustration just keeps on getting better – and we were big fans in the first place. Hopefully we’ll be seeing her on the cover of The New Yorker soon!

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    Ping Zhu: Plansponsor

  • Ping-4

    Ping Zhu: Plansponsor (sketches)

  • Ping-10

    Ping Zhu: The New Yorker

  • Ping-9

    Ping Zhu: The New Yorker (sketches)

  • Ping-7

    Ping Zhu: Bon Iver for The New Yorker

  • Ping-2

    Ping Zhu: Minto / Concrete

  • Ping-1

    Ping Zhu: Minto / Concrete

  • Ping-5

    Ping Zhu: Plansponsor

  • Ping-3

    Ping Zhu: Post-it 8


Posted by James Cartwright

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