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Bold, surreal commercial illustration from Madrid creative Velckro

Posted by James Cartwright,

Madrid-based graphic designer, art director and illustrator Velckro makes seriously surreal vector imagery for big-name brands like Red Bull, Heineken, Nike and Microsoft. Given such regular commissioning from industry giants it’s perhaps surprising that Velckro’s imagery is as strange as it is – kind of a cross between M.C. Escher and Milton Glaser but with a modern twist – but if the guys with deep pockets are prepared to support this kind of work then that’s definitely okay by us.

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    Velckro: Yorokobu Calendar 2013

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    Velckro: Yorokobu Calendar 2013

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    Velckro: BootyFarra e.p.

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    Velckro: BootyFarra e.p.

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    Velckro: Yorokobu and Samsung

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    Velckro: Yorokobu Magazine

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    Velckro: Yorokobu Magazine


Posted by James Cartwright

James started out as an intern in 2011 and is now one of our two editors. He oversees Printed Pages magazine and content wise has a special interest in graphic design and illustration. He also runs our online shop Company of Parrots and is a regular on our Studio Audience podcast.