Video: Best comeback ever? The creator of Bebo has got something very important to tell you...

Posted by Liv Siddall,

Can we please give a round of applause for Michael Birch who, after years of having the piss taken out of his early social networking site and puberty wagon Bebo, is back with maybe the best comeback video we’ve ever seen. The fact that the actual founder is narrating the video in person is so old school and perfect and the fact that they’ve taken something so genuinely hilarious – and possibly the only positive thing that Bebo harvested – and used it to make them appear cool again is so perfect it gives me goosebumps. Unfortunately it’s so good that after watching this you may find yourself immediately signing back up to Bebo, back on the puberty wagon. But don’t worry, I’ve saved you a space next to me and it’s going to be a sweet, sweet ride.

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    Bebo Founder: “It’s time to come clean.”

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    Bebo Founder: “It’s time to come clean.”

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    Bebo Founder: “It’s time to come clean.”

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    Bebo Founder: “It’s time to come clean.”


Posted by Liv Siddall

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