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    Viktor Hachmang: Lotus Lounge (detail)

Illustration: Viktor Hachmang's extraordinary skill makes us green with envy

Posted by James Cartwright,

I found out today that Viktor Hachmang and I are the same age which, if I’m honest, really pisses me off. I’ve been watching this guy improve and diversify over the past few years with eager anticipation – it’s extraordinary to see what new stands of imagery he adds to his oeuvre with each new update – but was convinced that he had to be at least 35 years old. His style fuses traditional ligne-claire with bright psychedelia, bold abstraction with delicate, figurative mark-making and he switches fluidly between retro-futurism and traditional subject matter. Nobody in their 20s should have such an expert mastery of draughtsmanship and a brilliant imagination to boot. But he does, he REALLY does, and for that he deserves our utmost respect.

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    Viktor Hachmang: Diner

  • Hachmang-4

    Viktor Hachmang: Diner (detail)

  • Hachmang-3

    Viktor Hachmang: Diner (detail)

  • Hachmang-9

    Viktor Hachmang: Blue Night

  • Hachmang-8

    Viktor Hachmang: Blue Night (detail)

  • Hachmang-11

    Viktor Hachmang: Vernissage

  • Hachmang-10

    Viktor Hachmang: Vernissage (detail)

  • Hachmang-7

    Viktor Hachmang: Lotus Lounge

  • Hachmang-6

    Viktor Hachmang: Lotus Lounge (detail)


Posted by James Cartwright

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