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    Walead Beshty exhibition at Thomas Dane, London

Walead Beshty's magnificent X-Ray-damaged photographs at Thomas Dane Gallery

Posted by Liv Siddall,

Los Angeles-based Walead Beshty, the artist famed for his Fed-Exed glass and copper cubes, is now showcasing an eerily beautiful selection of photographs at Piccadilly’s Thomas Dane Gallery.

An artist whose work is largely inspired by the in-between, Beshty’s photographs are a second run of exposures damaged by airport security x-rays. The first time this occurred was in 2006 when his negatives were almost destroyed by the fierce post-9/11 security systems, inspiring his notorious Travel Pictures exhibition. Beshty’s violent hole-punches in the negatives only add to the grimly beautiul, damaged photographs, and represent his political views on the palpable subject matter – an abandoned, trashed Iraqi diplomatic office located in former East Berlin.

Images courtesy of the artist and Thomas Dane Gallery
Photographer: Richard Ivey

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    Walead Beshty ‘Travel Pictures’ at Thomas Dane, London

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    Walead Beshty ‘Travel Pictures’ at Thomas Dane, London

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    Walead Beshty ‘Travel Pictures’ at Thomas Dane, London

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    Walead Beshty ‘Travel Pictures’ at Thomas Dane, London


Posted by Liv Siddall

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