Music Video: Some excellent (if NSFW) sword action for Wavves' new single

Posted by Alex Bec,

We’ve all seen that Youtube video where the American guy cuts loads of bottles with a sword/other sharp things right? Well if you were hankering for more (I know I was) then Wavves are here to help you out. Surely influenced by the brilliant viral, director Brandon Dermer has set new single That’s On Me to a more professionally produced version of the original concept with some stunning results (for our more squeamish/vegetarian readers, beware the last 90 seconds that get decidedly meaty).

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    Wavves: That’s On Me (still)

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    Wavves: That’s On Me (still)

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    Wavves: That’s On Me (still)

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    Wavves: That’s On Me (still)


Posted by Alex Bec

Alex is one of the directors of It’s Nice That who now oversees our sister creative agency INT Works. For several years he oversaw the Monday Morning Music Video feature until it came to an end in 2014.