Introducing the greatest old man on earth, who lives in a cave he built himself

Posted by James Cartwright,

Welcome to the best old man you’ll ever meet in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Gisbert is a German native who dug out his home with his bare hands over 42 years ago. Living a hermetic life on a Sicilian island that he likes to call Paradisola he’s had plenty of time to reflect on the way he sees the world and the part he plays in it. The fourth in a series of new documentaries from We Cross The Line this is a beautifully filmed and edited piece of documentary film-making, and arguably one of the most engaging shorts we’ve ever seen.

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    We Cross The Line: Paradisola

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    We Cross The Line: Paradisola

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    We Cross The Line: Paradisola


Posted by James Cartwright

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