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    Pixin Weng: Origami Yoda (detail)

Illustration: Beautifully tender comics from Singapore's Pixin Weng

Posted by James Cartwright,

Pixin Weng is a comic book artist based in Singapore producing beautifully scrappy, frenetic images that leap from the page with their colourful energy. Her panels are created in a fashion that suggests a hasty working process with windows bleeding into one another and colours sometimes varying wildly from one frame to the next, but the heavyweight content of the narratives themselves is enough to confirm that Pixin plans her work meticulously before putting brush to paper, creating stories that deal with loveless relationships, surreal dreams and family tragedy with skilful tenderness.

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    Pixin Weng: Pairs

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    Pixin Weng: Pairs

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    Pixin Weng: Pairs

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    Pixin Weng: Pairs

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    Pixin Weng: Sketchbook

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    Pixin Weng: Sketchbook

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    Pixin Weng: Origami Yoda


Posted by James Cartwright

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