• Sculptures17

    Damien Hirst: Myth (Photography by Barnaby Hindle)

  • Sculptures4

    Damien Hirst: Legend (Photography by Barnaby Hindle)

  • Sculptures13

    Damien Hirst: Legend (Photography by Barnaby Hindle)

  • Sculptures15

    Marc Quinn: Burning Desire

  • Sculptures1

    Lynn Chadwick: Walking Woman

  • Sculptures2

    Lynn Chadwick: Two Watchers

  • Sculptures5

    Jedd Novat: Chaos

  • Sculptures7

    Ji Yong_Ho: Lion

  • Sculptures9

    Ji Yong_Ho: Lion

  • Sculptures8

    Takashi Murakami: Flower Matango (A)

  • Sculptures10

    Barry Flanagan: Large Left-Handed Drummer

  • Sculptures11

    Barry Flanagan: Large Left-Handed Drummer

  • Sculptures14

    Nadim Karam: Desert Sand

  • Sculptures12

    Yayoi Kusama: Flowers That Bloom Tomorrow

  • Sculptures16

    Jaume Plensa: Chloe’s World

What's On: Beyond Limits

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Damien Hirst, the grand old duke of modern British art, need only sneeze to plunge journalists, collectors and art aficionados everywhere into a right tizzy, so it’s no surprise his new sculptures at the Sotheby’s show at Chatsworth House have attracted a lot of attention. But alongside his elegantly anatomical pieces, there’s plenty of other really interesting work in the exhibition, as this slideshow proves.

Hirst’s two pieces Myth and Legend combine classical grandeur and visceral cross-section, in dramatic, soul-searching sculptures that sit above the magnificent grounds, both complementary and confrontational.

Elsewhere Takashi Murakami’s Flower Matango (A) uses his trademark eyes motif in a technicolour, organic explosion that sits beautifully in a neo-classical temple, Mark Quinn’s Burning Desire is a huge, psycho-sexual exploration of beauty and exotica, whose pulsating red petals are reflected in the lake it sits next to, and Nadim Karam’s totemic Desert Sand looks as though it is throwing down a challenge to the famous old house.

The exhibition is open until October 30, and every piece is for sale.


Posted by Rob Alderson

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