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What's On: Doug Wheeler

Posted by Charlotte Simmonds,

Doug Wheeler is kind of a big deal in a field known as “light-and-space art.” Famous since the 1960s for his immersive installations, Wheeler’s exacting attention to detail has produced works that have transformed galleries and influenced countless artists, like Robert Irwin, James Turrel and Olafur Eliasson. His latest creation is a characteristically ambitious piece for the David Zwirner gallery in New York – a light-saturated space designed to simulate an “infinity environment.” Pure white, without edges or sharp corners, this rounded room purposefully leaves viewers without a surface to fix their eyes upon, creating a boundless field of vision.


Posted by Charlotte Simmonds

Californian Charlotte joined us as an editorial intern after studying at New York university and London Metropolitan University. She wrote for the site between January and March 2012.