• 18-horns_-uummannaq_-west-greenland-1998

    Horns, Uummannaq, West Greenland 1998 © Ragnar Axelsson

  • 1-masauna-kristiansen-with-whip_-inglefield-fjord_-north-greenland-1987

    Masauna Kristiansen with whip, Inglefield Fjord, North Greenland 1987 © Ragnar Axelsson

  • 4-girl-in-a-swing_-tiniteqilaaq_-east-greenland-1997

    Girl in a swing, Tiniteqilaaq, East Greenland 1997 © Ragnar AxelssonLitt

  • 6-little-bent-with-puppy_-kap-hope-_itterajivit_-east-greenland-1995

    Little Bent with puppy, Kap Hope (Itterajivit), East Greenland 1995 © Ragnar Axelsson

  • 24-dog-sledge-on-herbert-island_-north-greenland-2001

    Dog sledge on Herbert Island, North Greenland 2001 © Ragnar Axelsson

  • 26-masuna-kristiansen-waking-up-on-the-ice_-qaanaaq_-north-greenland-1987

    Masuna Kristiansen waking up on the ice, Qaanaaq, North Greenland 1987 © Ragnar Axelsson

  • 9-dog-in-a-chain_-sermiliqaq_-east-greenland-1997

    Dog in a chain, Sermiliqaq, East Greenland 1997 © Ragnar Axelsson

  • 31-child-in-window_-sermiliqaq_-east-greenland-1999

    Child in window, Sermiliqaq, East Greenland 1999 © Ragnar Axelsson

  • 25-hunters-gideon-and-ole-cutting-narwhal_-qaanaaq_-north-greenland-1987

    Hunters Gideon and Ole cutting narwhal, Qaanaaq, North Greenland 1987 © Ragnar Axelsson

What's On: Last Days of the Arctic

Posted by Rob Alderson,

It’s all too easy for landscape photographs to fall into clumsily-recognisable tropes – which in the case of the Arctic often manifests as “serene, imposing, beauty.” But having spent 30 years photographing the Arctic in Greenland, Ragnar Axelsson has an intuitive empathy for the region. His pictures can be beautiful but they can also be bleak – unsettling in a gnawing, subtle way. Of course the name of this show at Proud Chelsea makes his agenda fairly clear, and so through his sparse snowscapes, and particularly the faces of the men, women and children he captures, Ragnar invites us to witness the end of something that’ll never return.

The show runs until March 18.


Posted by Rob Alderson

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