Will Robson-Scott's new short film about East End character Jela is his best yet

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Hey Will Robson-Scott, how do you feel about a new nickname? Soon everyone is going to be joining in with me calling you The Pizza Man, because my goodness do you always deliver. We needed no proof of Will’s talents as a filmmaker, having previously featured his brilliant pieces on a quirky New York street photographer and a skateboarding enthusiast with Asperger’s Syndrome. But for my money his latest film Jela is Will’s best yet. It’s a portrait of a man shaped by the culture of London’s East End in the 1980s and 1990s, a former drug addict, a football fanatic and an amazingly compelling screen presence. It’s a mark of Will’s creative confidence that he cedes centre stage to his subject and feeds off the fizzing energy of Jela rather than needlessly overcomplicating things for the sake of his own vision. Simply brilliant.

  • Wrs1

    Will Robson-Scott: Jela (still)

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    Will Robson-Scott: Jela (still)

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    Will Robson-Scott: Jela (still)

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    Will Robson-Scott: Jela (still)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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