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    William Selden for Dazed & Confused

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    William Selden for Dazed & Confused

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    William Selden for Dazed & Confused

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    William Selden for Dazed & Confused

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William Selden

Posted by Maya Davies,

It would be easy to feel over-saturated by the abundance of fashion photography around – online, in print, covering buses and billboards – but when you come across the likes of William Selden’s images you know you’ve stumbled across a good thing. The award-winning Brit has raised the bar, showing that by challenging the standard ubiquitous glossy shots, and continuously testing styles you can can stand out from the crowd. This new shoot for Dazed is ace, but there’s plenty to swoon at in his portfolio too.

Posted by Maya Davies

Maya joined It’s Nice That in 2011 as our first ever events manager as well as writing for the site, in particular about architecture. She left in the summer of 2013.