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    Wilson Hennessy: China Bang

Wilson Hennessy's fascinating photographs point to a top-notch talent

Posted by Rob Alderson,

London-based photographer Wilson Hennessy has a near faultless visual sensibility which sees him create beguiling and beautiful still-lifes. His new series China Bang features those rather twee figurines you find advertised at the back of certain magazines (“Lady Fortescue comes with a very realistic dress and a the haughty demeanour of someone certain of her place in the world”) at the centre of coloured powder explosions. Almost lost in the haze, the ornaments take on a strange ghostly quality, apparitions amid the brightly-coloured chaos. But whether it’s a sleek new Nike trainer attacked by a monstrous pink plug of chewing gum, or clever takes on packaging shots, Wilson’s portfolio is a real delight from start to finish.

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    Wilson Hennessy: China Bang

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    Wilson Hennessy: China Bang

  • Fig_pink

    Wilson Hennessy: China Bang

  • Black_nike_gum

    Wilson Hennessy: Nike gum

  • Rw_marlboro

    Wilson Hennessy: Marlboro

  • Rw_campbells_soup

    Wilson Hennessy: Campbells

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    Wilson Hennessy: Untitled


Posted by Rob Alderson

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