• Albrecht

    Scotty Albrecht

Art: Wood and Pulp pairs materials and artists in kaleidoscopic images

Posted by Maisie Skidmore,

The new exhibition in Brooklyn’s Colab Projectspace, Wood and Pulp, sees artists Scotty Albrecht and Damion Silver discern new common ground between the strikingly different mediums of wood and paper. Taking the concept of balance as the central idea, the artwork is founded upon the notion of craftsmanship, reinventing and reforming found objects in muted kaleidoscopic works of collage and assemblage. Craftmanship is a key influence in the show; both artists are self-taught woodworkers and their mastery of their medium is evident in the beautifully constructed pieces they have contributed.

The exhibition will run until June 30 at Colab Projects in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Silver-2

    Damion Silver

  • Bloomg-no-7

    Scotty Albrecht: Bloom No. 7

  • Silver-1

    Damion Silver

  • Amalgam

    Scotty Albrecht: Amalgam 1

  • 3_balanceofopposites_900_860

    Scotty Albrecht: Balance of Opposites

  • Silver-3

    Damion Silver


Posted by Maisie Skidmore

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