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    Woodcum: htew

Lovely, strange and stained illustrations from Woodcum in Moscow

Posted by Anna Trench,

Woodcum’s Flickr stream is an unusual jumble of surreal nostalgia in drawings, collages and appropriated photos. But it’s the young Russian’s illustrations that took our fancy with their lovely line work, faded colours, and worn and grainy textures.

Odd, melancholic but often quietly amusing, Woodcum (whose real name is Philip Igumnov) has created images that look like illustrations of the most unlikely of things: a happy 1950s lad with a jet-pack, one magpie pulling a shroud over another and an eye with a television set and viewer planted in the vitreous. We’re not entirely sure where these have come from, but we like where they’re headed.

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    Woodcum: afats

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    Woodcum: birdsd

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    Woodcum: bd

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    Woodcum: atwatw

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    Woodcum: nowopen

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    Woodcum: sg

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    Woodcum: sc


Posted by Anna Trench

Anna is a writer and illustrator who joined us as an editorial intern after studying at Cambridge University and Falmouth university. She wrote for the site between January and March 2013.