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    Zaha Hadid: Aqua

Zaha Hadid creates new installation referencing her triumphant Olympic Aquatics Centre

Posted by Rob Alderson,

For 99 per cent of the time the vast majority of the population don’t give a hoot about swimming but when the Olympics rolls around we all start tutting over a hip-heavy butterfly stroke or holding forth about Michael Phelps’ genetic predispositions. With such intense public scrutiny, the commission to design the Aquatics Centre is a massive deal and could only rally go to a genuine architectural big-hitter such as Zaha Hadid.

But if you weren’t lucky enough to get tickets (or if you’re hugely allergic to chlorine) then it’s still possible to get a flavour of what Zaha created as she’s just done a site-specific installation for the Dover Street Market which “references the formal language” of her east London tour de force.

It captures the fluid forms and (paradoxical) delicate strength which are such features of the sport we’re all frantically pretending to know something about.

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    Zaha Hadid: Aqua

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    Zaha Hadid: Aqua

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    Zaha Hadid: Aqua

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    Zaha Hadid: Aqua


Posted by Rob Alderson

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