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    Zaha Hadid: Galaxy SOHO (phootgrapher Iwan Baan)

Zaha Hadid wows us again with stunning new Beijing development

Posted by Rob Alderson,

When I first came across the pictures of Zaha Hadid’s new Beijng development Galaxy Soho this morning I have to confess I assumed they were architectural renderings. So fluid are the lines, so graceful and futuristic is her newest work that the obvious assumption was that these were the kind of surreally perfect artists’ impressions that have deceived me before. But it is testament to Zaha’s insane talents and to photographer Iwan Baan that this is in fact the real thing, a four building, 18-floor office and entertainment quarter connected via bridges which opened yesterday.

Speaking at the launch, Zaha said: "The design responds to the varied contextual relationships and dynamic conditions of Beijing. We have created a variety of public spaces that directly engage with the city; reinterpreting the traditional urban fabric and contemporary living patterns into a seamless urban landscape inspired by nature.

“The natural rhythms and flows of the city, of the environment and of the people have been integrated within the design to define its formal composition.”

It’s a staggering success proving that even after such an impressive year Zaha and her team show no signs of resting on their laurels.

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    Zaha Hadid: Galaxy SOHO (phootgrapher Iwan Baan)

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    Zaha Hadid: Galaxy SOHO (phootgrapher Iwan Baan)

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    Zaha Hadid: Galaxy SOHO (phootgrapher Iwan Baan)

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    Zaha Hadid: Galaxy SOHO (phootgrapher Iwan Baan)

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    Zaha Hadid: Galaxy SOHO (phootgrapher Iwan Baan)

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    Zaha Hadid: Galaxy SOHO (phootgrapher Iwan Baan)Zaha Hadid: Galaxy SOHO (phootgrapher Iwan Baan)

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    Zaha Hadid: Galaxy SOHO (phootgrapher Iwan Baan)

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    Zaha Hadid: Galaxy SOHO (phootgrapher Iwan Baan)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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