1. Sr7list2 Publication Girls are Powerful: the feminist posters of See Red Women’s Workshop
  2. Morganhillmurphylist Photography The sincere and composed photography of Morgan Hill-Murphy
  3. Adamgriffithslist Graphic Design Ra-Bear's luscious, considered and contemporary graphic design
  4. Sujin_int_list Illustration Seoul-based Sujin’s illustrations depict sassy ladies with a cool attitude
  5. Sam_taylor_manual_for_speed_int_list Illustration Sam Taylor illustrates a fictional pantheon of “the best cyclists of all time”
  6. Jeanette_barnes_rebuilding_ground_zero_path_entrance_its_nice_that Art Jeanette Barnes captures the evolving shape of the city in her charcoal drawings
  7. Teresaozariolist Illustration Teresa Orazio's bold and brazen illustrations
  8. Studio_mut_lottozero_int_list Graphic Design Studio Mut creates geometric identity for Italian textile research lab
  9. Sentimental_covers_3 Publication The latest issue of Sentimental magazine is inspired by monsters (and mayonnaise)
  10. Luca_campri_south_africa_int_list Photography Luca Campri documents his journey through the kingdom of Lesotho
  11. Md_oct16-2 Diary October Diary: where to go and what to see
  12. Int_kontor_logo-list Graphic Design Bibliothèque’s campaign for Kontor aims to redefine how we see creative spaces
  13. Macguffinlist Publication Macguffin, the publication celebrating anonymous design objects
  14. Larry_hallegua_chengdu_int_list Photography Larry Hallegua captures the humour and whimsy in China’s Chengdu 
  15. Visual_dialogue_tobias_faisst_maximilian_virgili_its_nice_that Photography Tobias Faisst and Maximilian Virgili take a photographic “blind date” in Canada
  16. Eleonoralist Illustration Eleonora Marton encourages interactive learning through illustration
  17. Marievalognes_grid_2 Photography Marie Valognes’ playful and sculptural compositions
  18. Kyun_me_bad_korean_int_list Illustration Kyung Me explores young love in New York through her free-form drawings
  19. Botw_wk_510 Best of the Web Another week over, it's Best of the Web!
  20. Josephharmonlist Illustration Joseph Harmon's warped intricate works unveiled at new show in Brooklyn
  21. Sophielittmanlist Film Sophie Littman captures the underlying awkwardness of a village orchestra
  22. T_t_t_malkatuti_jakam_v2 Graphic Design New York-based agency T&T&T are in it for “$$$$$, fame and graphic bliss”
  23. Topman_ep01_online.00_01_05_05.still004 Film The psychedelic world of Dexter Navy
  24. 006list Photography Photographer Ilyes Griyeb takes us to Senegal's salt lakes
  25. Denis_kuchta_art_vilnius_int_list Graphic Design Denis Kuchta’s subtly pixellated identity for Lithuanian arts fair
  26. Taschen_dali_cookbook_int_list Publication Salvador Dalí’s illustrations of aphrodisiacs and more in a reprint of his exotic 1970s cookbook
  27. Thingslist Regulars Things glorious things! The best of the postman's offerings we received this September
  28. Listde2 Film Dan Emmerson shoots #bikelife in the Welsh valleys
  29. Adam-higton_collages-ii_list Illustration Dive into Adam Higton's collages via his psychedelic new album and video
  30. Billbairdlist MIscellanous Bill Baird's ephemeral online album is completely unique for every listener
  31. Eslist Photography Ewen Spencer on new commission, Kick over the statues
  32. Futur_neue_int_list Graphic Design Futur Neue explores texts through clean typography, images and unusual printing techniques  
  33. The-alpha-city_670list Illustration Zhang Liang's cartoons sum up American pop culture
  34. Ira_ivanova_afisha_picnic_int_list Graphic Design Ira Ivanova designs vibrant wristband-inspired identity for Moscow music festival
  35. Nicer-tuesdays-september_sam-pilling Nicer Tuesdays Sam Pilling, Hattie Newman, Phil Sharp and Kit Caless at Nicer Tuesdays September
  36. Stephanie_unger_int_list Illustration Stephanie Unger’s instinctive illustrations use bright colours and simple shapes
  37. Timo-lenzen_posters Graphic Design Graphic designer Timo Lenzen fuses hyperreal, architectural forms with vivid colours
  38. Nobrow_thecowwhofellinthecanal_int_list Bookshelf Nobrow co-founder Sam Arthur shares his favourite books
  39. Laura_pannack_its_nice_that_li Photography Photographer Laura Pannack finds inspiration in a Romanian folk tale
  40. Hotamlist Publication Ho Tam, the one-man-band publisher