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    Art: Keng Lye's incredible 3D paintings made using painted layers of resin

    Sophia Epstein •
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    Digital: Brush up on your coding skills with a tailored course at General Assembly

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  3. Main

    Film: Woo! A dance move for every letter of the alphabet from i-D

    Rob Alderson •
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    Publication: New Berlin-based magazine Winter warms all our cockles

    Rob Alderson •
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    Illustration: Yoboh Studio's busy images are a hell of a lot of fun!

    James Cartwright •
  6. Main

    Exhibition: Amazing new Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition proves that he's probably the best guy ever

    Liv Siddall •
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    Art: Mindbending life-size optical illusion built by Kyung Woo Han

    Sophia Epstein •
  8. Nicertuesdays-march-1287

    Nicer Tuesdays: See Katrin Baumgarten's talk from our Prank-themed Nicer Tuesdays!

    It's Nice That •
  9. Ist

    Exhibition: Hey Studio show off their poster archive at a new show in Barcelona

    James Cartwright •
  10. Main

    Bookshelf: Here's the lovely Carol Montpart of The Plant with some botanical treats

    Maisie Skidmore •
  11. Noon-list

    Publication: We interview the editor-in-chief of new fashion and art publication, Noon

    Maisie Skidmore •
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    Graphic Design: Brighten The Corners create stunning Anish Kapoor catalogue

    Rob Alderson •
  13. Maine

    Illustration: Instant happinesss via Ed Cheverton's latest work

    Liv Siddall •
  14. List-2

    Illustration: Lauren Rolwing imagines life in Ettore Sottsass' neighbourhood

    Maisie Skidmore •
  15. Listblue-river-falls-4

    Photography: Tales of a 60s American dream through the eyes of photographer Matt Henry

    Sophia Epstein •
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    Miscellaneous: Classic album covers, as seen through Google street view!

    Maisie Skidmore •
  17. Main

    My Favourite Music Video: Top filmmaker Simon Cahn tells us about Ludacris' Get Back

    Liv Siddall •
  18. List

    Animation: PES is back with a fantastically violent swan massacre short

    Rob Alderson •
  19. List-2

    Graphic Design: Branch Creative's new identity is based on the word-search format

    Maisie Skidmore •
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    Graphic Design: Pentagram completely redesign London auction house Sotheby's

    James Cartwright •
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    Photography: Nigel Shafran's naturalistic shots of a shopping spree on Avenue Montaigne

    Maisie Skidmore •
  22. List

    Illustration: Former graduate Alex Walker lives out his former career predictions in style!

    James Cartwright •
  23. The-three_19

    Photography: Isadora Kosofsky captures the tenderness of a senior love triangle

    Lisa Farrell •
  24. Weekender-list

    The Weekender: With extra sprinkles of joy because it's our BIRTHDAY WEEK

    It's Nice That •
  25. Listernestgoghcock2

    Photography: Cocky personalities are flaunted in Ernest Goh's book full of chickens

    Sophia Epstein •
  26. Mixtape-list

    Mixtape: This week we're treating you to one of our favourite personal playlists. Get involved!

    James Cartwright •
  27. Virginatlantic1

    Events: Virgin Atlantic flies the flag for the New York leg of the Big Egg hunt

    Will Hudson •
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    Art: Thierry Noir – the first man to paint the Berlin Wall – opens first ever solo show in London

    Rob Alderson •
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    Art: Etienne Lavie transforms Paris' billboards into classical masterpieces

    Sophia Epstein •
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    Things #6: This week's stuff instalment features socks, seeds and a set of queens

    Sophia Epstein •
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    Publication: Ken and Wanda Garland's Pudkin Books relaunched

    Rob Alderson •
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    Film: Krishna Shenoi's alternative Gravity scene is a thing of skill and wit

    Rob Alderson •