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    In the past couple of weeks we’ve looked at why Shillington College was founded to offer a different kind of graphic design education and heard from some of the teachers at Shillington campuses around the world about how they make this happen in practice.

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    Frustration can be a powerful creative force. So it was for Australian graphic designer Andrew Shillington who increasingly struggled to find designers with the rights skills for his Sydney-based studio Shillington Graphics.

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    We throw superlatives around on this site like lovely word confetti but believe us when we say This. Is. INCREDIBLE. Smirnoff has teamed up with DJ Fresh for a world first which sees three disabled dance music fans create a club track using their minds. I know! Smirnoff and DJ Fresh worked with Julien Castet, one of the world’s leading brainwave technology experts, who devised software which transformed the musicians emotions into brainwaves and brainwaves into soundwaves to create music.

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    Now that graduate season is in full swing and many of you will be well on your way to leaving full-time education for good, we’re trying to find some ways for you to cushion the blow of being turfed out into the real world with nothing but a shiny certificate in hand and a gaping hole where your bank balance used to be.

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    It’s competition time again folks and we’ve got a great opportunity for an incredibly talented illustrator to provide the packaging design for next year’s Beefeater 24 super premium gin.

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    With COLLECT – The Crafts Council’s annual showcase of the some of the best creative talent from both the UK and abroad – opening its doors in London tomorrow, it seems like the perfect time to swing our spotlight on three more of the artists who will be displaying their work in the show’s Project Space area. We’ve praised before the sheer range on show at the Saatchi Gallery over the weekend and this selection proves once again that The Crafts Council have worked hard to identify talented individuals across the spectrum of disciplines they promote.

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    With this year’s Crafts Council extravaganza COLLECT now just a week away, it’s a good time to take a closer look at some of the creatives whose work will be on display at the exhibition’s Project Space. As usual they’re an eclectic bunch and whatever your crafty passions you’re sure to find something that floats your boat, but here’s three that we’re particularly excited to see included.

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    I remember being ten. It was 1994, BritPop was in the air and I had a killer tracksuit that I basically never took off. Heady days indeed. But my own decennial is rather put in the shade by this year’s COLLECT, the Crafts Council’s annual fair which this year celebrates ten years in some style.

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    Type fanatics of the world rejoice; that limited selection of Swiss modernist type faces you’ve been using for the past decade has just been increased by one; and it’s a beauty! The respectable folks over at Fontsmith, in particular type design director Phil Garnham, have spent the past two years developing FS Emeric, a sans serif with a distinctly modernist flavour enhanced and updated with some additional contemporary flourishes.

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    We’ve got an interesting new design competition for you, bringing together a Scottish whisky brand and a really worthy cause. The Bunnahabhain distillery has partnered with The Fishermen’s Mission to challenge designers to come up with a new label for the bottle, putting a contemporary slant on the brand’s longstanding identity based around a travelling helmsman returning to the safety of the distillery.