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  1. Weekender-list

    Back in the mists of the pre-internet era, the end of the week was a somewhat muted affair. Brunches went un-Instagrammed, plans could be boasted about only to a select few and everyone just had to do what was directly in front of them rather than tracking down an exciting pop-up yak milk yurt in deepest Clapton. But no more – the weekend is now in our hands and this very weekly round-up is proof that there’s a new world order. Bend your knee yeah, it’s The Weekender…

  2. Unnamed-1

    Gather round, charge your glasses and pin back those ears, the pod is back with an elongated episode in which we touch on all manner of art and design extravagance. In the first section we talk about the sumptuous new Seymour Chwast archive, the success of this kind of Photoshop project and i-D’s 18-cover 35th anniversary issue.

  3. Printed-pages-beams-list

    We love our favourite illustrators so much we want to tell the world about them, and we want you to be able to show the world what great taste you have in both illustration and garments too. So what better way to do that than to wear their images on your sleeve, or to be exact, on your chest. Printed Pages has teamed up with Japanese fashion brand Beams to release a limited-edition run of T-shirts from a trio of our very fave illustrators: Kyle Platts, Oscar Bolton Green and Dan Stafford, the man behind the lovely nudes images that graced the spreads of our SS15 Printed Pages.

  4. Grahamlinehan-here-itsnicethat-list

    Few figures have had more of an impact on contemporary British television than Graham Linehan. As the creator of Father Ted, Black Books and The IT Crowd, he helped redefine the sitcom landscape and won five BAFTAS in the process.

  5. Unnamed-1

    Certain things signal that we’ve broken the back of the week – the intensification of social plans, the sing-song siren call of the weekend and the arrival of our Studio Audience podcast. This week we’re taking on all the big issues (in a specific art and design context) – including Grayson Perry’s Dream House project, Airbnb floating a 70-tonne house down the Thames (plus backlash!) and this year’s Designs of the Year category winners.

  6. Grads2015-category

    STUDENTS! Peel your foreheads from your desks, put down your Sharpies, and press pause on the printers – it’s time to enter your work for the chance to be one of It’s Nice That’s Graduates of 2015.

  7. List

    Ben Tallon’s new book explores the difficult transition to going freelance which many in the creative world make, and by which many more are tempted. To mark the publication of Champagne and Wax Crayons Ben has written a piece about how he found taking that giant leap. You can add your thoughts below…

  8. Listnicer-tuesdays-childhood-int-7

    Remember what fantastic fun our childhood-themed Nicer Tuesdays was? There were balloons and everything. If you want to relive that evening, or if you couldn’t make it, then you’re in for a treat – we’ve got films of each of the speakers below for you. They were Science Museum curator Toby Parkin, comics artist Kev F. Sutherland, Play-o-logy co-founder Katie Johnston and Lawrence Zeegen, university professor and author of Penguin by Design. And gosh, they were good. Enjoy!

  9. Weekender-list

    This week has been a whirlwind, one minute it’s sunny, the next it’s raining. It’s an emotional weather-coaster as they say. BUT fear not, because the one thing that will never let you down is the Weekender. That’s right, no matter what, we’ll be there. Huzzah! So pop on your comfiest trousers and crack open the beers, it’s Friday and it’s time for The Weekender.

  10. Unnamed-1

    Ready your ears, engage your brains and assume the brace position – the new episode of Studio Audience is right here. In it we discuss Tate Modern turning 15, Assemble’s inclusion on the Turner Prize shortlist, Jeremy Deller’s Venice jukebox and a new show for the world’s best art forger. We also discuss Cass Bird shooting in the Met Gala toilets and the Design Museum’s Camper show.

  11. Nt-list

    While we career into spring, it’s hard to remember what was good about those colder months, like February. That’s because there wasn’t much really, just heinous people talking about heinous detoxes, Christmas-battered bank balances and very cold toes. However, one very good thing was our Publishing-themed Nicer Tuesdays! On the night we had a stellar cast of publishing world hotshots including Tim Noakes, editor-in-chief of Dazed; fashion features editor at PORT David Hellqvist; Anna Bates and Elizabeth Glickfeld, co-founders and editors of crowdfunded biannual design magazine Dirty Furniture and Stack Magazine founder Steve Watson.

  12. Nicer_tuesdays_technology_list_image

    This month’s Nicer Tuesdays is on the subject of nature, bringing together four talks from creatives who approach the subject in their own unique way.

  13. Unnamed-1

    The It’s Nice That podcast spins around each week with alarming regularity but lo and behold it’s back again with a special twist. With two Studio Audience stalwarts Liv Siddall and James Cartwright leaving us this week we took the chance to look back at some of the creative highlights of their time here. We also take a quick spin through the art and design news, touching on The Onion’s recent redesign and its brilliant explanatory essay, plus the new-look Esquire, David Hockney’s take on Twitter, the brilliant new Christoph Niemann show of pencil drawings and our Graduates scheme 2015!

  14. Unnamed-1

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words but where the It’s Nice That podcast is concerned, it’s the words that are doing all the leg work. Come with us into the thicket of this week’s offering and see what art and design treats we have in store. We look at JR’s cover for The New York Times Magazine plus Anorak’s new venture and an interesting project from Vangardist Magazine to tackle HIV stigma.

  15. Blommersschumm-here-itsnicethat-list

    You can tell that Here 2015 is almost upon us as we present our final speakers, photographic duo Blommers Schumm. When it comes to client lists, few photographers can boast the breadth or quality of commissions that Anuschka Blommers and Niels Schumm have worked on. The Dutch duo started out working on still-­life and portrait projects before branching out into fashion.

  16. Marianbantjes-designawards-itsnicethat-list

    It’s design award season (like the film world equivalent but fewer red carpets and more pictures of people staring at posters) and as ever the winners will be much discussed across the creative industries. But genuinely useful advice for those who enter has been thin on the ground, until now. Having relaunched her website, the brilliant Marian Bantjes has also started a new blog (huzzah!) and recently wrote a series of tips for those designers putting their work up for awards, based on her extensive experience as a judge. You can add comments below, or just soak up the wisdom…

  17. Karlssonwilker-here-itsnicethat-list

    Here 2015 draws ever nearer and we’re reaching the home stretch in our profiles of some of the great creative talents taking to the stage. Next up is karlssonwilker’s Hjalti Karlsson. Hjalti met Jan Wilker while working for graphic design superstar Stefan Sagmeister and they founded their own New York studio, karlssonwilker, at the turn of the millennium.

  18. List

    The countdown to Here continues apace and today we’re turning our attention to Jordy van den Nieuwendijk. The past few years have seen a dizzying rise for the Dutch artist and illustrator. In an astonishingly short space of time he’s emerged as one of the most exciting, prolific practitioners working today, clocking up a client list which includes the likes of The New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, Lacoste and Vogue.

  19. Charlotte-heal-here-itsnicethat-list

    We are now just eight weeks from Here 2015 on Friday 12 June and we’re continuing our look at our brilliant speakers with Charlotte Heal. When it comes to discussing young design talent, Charlotte’s name invariably crops up as someone whose work is going from strength to strength. The graphic designer and art director has a wealth of impressive experience on her CV, from glossy magazines LOVE and Lula, to studios like Spring Creative and Suburbia, and publishers such as the V&A and Random House.

  20. Nicertuesdays-karl-int-hero

    It has taken a little time but we’re finally ready to unveil the videos from our brilliant humour-themed Nicer Tuesdays held earlier this year. In an attempt to banish any lingering January blues we asked artist Wilfrid Wood, illustrator Matilda Tristram, the inimitable Mr Bingo and our very own INT Works art director Karl Toomey to explore how being funny inspires and affects the way they work.

  21. List

    If you’re a person who loves It’s Nice That, is super-passionate about the art and design world, knows how to write about it wants to be part of a busy, buzzing and beautiful (ahem) team, then this could be the role for you.

  22. A-balloon-for-britain-scott-king-itsnicethat-list

    As the countdown to Here on Friday 12 June continues, we’re profiling the speakers who’ll be joining us on the day, focussing today on Scott King. Scott has one of the UK’s most restless creative minds. As a graphic designer his work on i-D and Sleazenation gave free rein to his relentlessly inventive visual talents. Now as an artist – particularly preoccupied with how modern society is warped by culture and the media – his idea-driven practice demands a reaction. Modern Britain with its smoothed edges and sanitised smugness seems to baffle him and anger him, and much of his work seems intent on shaking us out of this complacency.

  23. Ab2_nicer_tuesdays_childhood_list_image

    This month’s Nicer Tuesdays is on the subject of technology, bringing together four creatives who each approach the subject in their own unique way.

  24. Annalomax-here-list

    In the run-up to Here on Friday 12 June we’re profiling the amazing creative talents who will take to the stage and today we’re looking at Anna Lomax. Submerging herself in pop culture, folk art and junk shops, the art director and set designer creates complex and idiosyncratic structures for photo shoots and ad campaigns, from neon lights and window displays to props and backdrops. Her clients include Nike, Selfridges and Converse, alongside some of the best magazines you’ve ever heard of, and probably a few you haven’t.

  25. Manvsmachine-more4-here-itsnicethat-list

    In the run-up to Here on 12 June we’re profiling the brilliant creatives who’ll be taking to the stage. Next up is founder and creative director of ManvsMachine, Mike Alderson.

  26. Paulsmith-instagram-itsnicethat-list

    “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” The line is Marcel Proust’s, quoted by Paul Smith at an Instagram event in London last week in which the fashion designer and bona fide national treasure spoke about his love of the photo-sharing platform, his longstanding passion for photography and his incredulity at how many people look, but don’t see. It’s not a problem for Paul, who finds inspiration in all manner of things and takes the opportunity to absorb what he encounters in his day-to-day life.

    Paul was bitten by the photography bug after his dad – himself a keen amateur photographer – gave him a Kodak Retinette when he was just 11. His dad had converted the attic into a dark room and Paul remembers with relish the hours spent developing pictures, superimposing one visual over another and “holding back” the image. “I thought it was magical,” he says. He has taken photographs for years and at his offices, his designers can delve into huge folders of thousands of his pictures collected down the decades. “They are pretty well organised,” Paul says. “If you came in and said ‘Has he been to Greece?’ they’d be able to say yeah in June 2013 or whatever…”

  27. Hawlin-here-itsnicethat-list

    Haw­-lin has been the name on the lips of tastemakers since 2011, when Nathan Cowen and Jacob Klein first met at Berlin­ based studio HORT. They assumed the moniker for both their creative studio Haw-­lin Services, and for their online moodboard. Through the former they’ve executed intelligent and engaging projects for a super­cool client list including Adidas, Opening Ceremony, ZEITmagazin and Ministry of Sound, while their online mood­board – which started life as a simple image­ share site between the two designers – has redefined digital curation and cultural inspiration throughout the industry.

  28. Stevedaniels-hero-list

    There is an awful lot of discussion around starting a new magazine and for many creatively inclined people it remains one of their foremost ambitions. Last week Makeshift founder Steve Daniels wrote an excellent blog about the things to consider when planning a new publication, and in doing so summed up many things we too feel are important. Steve’s now become an advisor to the title he founded, a move which maybe gives him a little extra distance to write “not a guide to the nuts and bolts of finding a printer and selling subscriptions but a contemplation of the major elements that will set you up for success.”

  29. Lou-stoppard2

    In the run-up to our summer creative symposium Here, which takes place in London on 12 June, we’ll be profiling the amazing creatives who’ll be taking to the stage. Today we’re looking at SHOWstudio’s Lou Stoppard.

  30. Iain-tait-lurpak-3

    Over the next few weeks we’ll be profiling the super-talented creatives taking to the stage at this year’s Here conference on Friday 12 June, and today we’re turning the spotlight on Iain Tait.

  31. Int-surey-int-list

    So you know how we provide you with multiple hits of arts and design goodness week in week out and ask BASICALLY NOTHING in return? Well we’d be forever in your debt if you could spare five minutes to take part in our latest audience survey. We have some big plans for the next few months but we want to make sure that whatever we do is rooted in what our readers want and expect, and so we’re super-keen to hear your views.

  32. Annie-atkins-grand-budapest-hotel-int-.7

    Gather round, quiet at the back. Are you chewing? We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our Here 2015 line-up is…Annie Atkins! When Wes Anderson set about creating the extraordinarily detailed world of The Grand Budapest Hotel, he called on Annie, who has worked on TV dramas and feature films from The Tudors to Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Cold War thriller.

  33. Unnamed-1

    Sometimes on the podcast we have enlightening discussions about pertinent art and design issues, and sometimes we make silly puns. Well this week dear listener we tick both of those boxes with some terrific chat about magazines, Designs of The Year and ELCAF but we also take a few minutes for canine-based tomfoolery. Take that expectations!

  34. Kingadz-autenticity-list

    In the branding and advertising world, authenticity seems to have become the Holy Grail. Seemingly melded to whatever people need it to convey, it’s become a buzzword whose significance has mushroomed while its meaning has all but vanished. With this in mind King Adz, aka Adam N. Stone – whose new book Unbrandable is out this summer – considers what authenticity really means in a contemporary creative context. You can add your thoughts using the comment thread below…

  35. List

    Our fourth annual Here symposium takes place in the summer and in the run-up to the event we’ll be looking at some of the stellar speakers who’ve graced the stage in previous years. Here is all about insight and inspiration, through accessible and enlightening talks from an international array of artists and designers, from big names to cutting-edge practitioners. Over the next few weeks the It’s Nice That team will be flagging up some of their favourite talks from the past three years, and next up is Karl Toomey who chose Giles Duley’s 2012 talk…

  36. Int-hiring-banner-list

    Have you ever logged onto It’s Nice That of a morning, flicked through a copy of Printed Pages magazine or sat (chuckling, probably) through one of our events and thought, ‘I wouldn’t mind being a part of that’? Well now’s your chance as we’re looking for a Senior Art Director to come and join our team here in London.

  37. It's-nice-that_htc_web-204-list

    Last night we hosted an evening of talks exploring the pursuit of brilliance to celebrate the UK launch of the HTC One M9 smartphone. Held at the Protein Space in east London, the event featured four speakers whose creative practice is built around an uncompromising quest for excellence and they each brought an enlightening perspective to the topic.

  38. Here2014-small-5513-list

    Our fourth annual Here symposium takes place in the summer and in the run-up to the event we’ll be looking at some of the stellar speakers who’ve graced the stage in previous years. Here is all about insight and inspiration, through accessible and enlightening talks from an international array of artists and designers, from big names to cutting-edge practitioners. Over the next few weeks the It’s Nice That team will be flagging up some of their favourite talks from the past three years, and next up is James Cartwright singing the praises of Penny Martin…

  39. Weekender-list

    The sun’s out, the Lighthouse Family’s on the stereo and we’re very much imbued with That Friday Feeling. But in the words of Columbo, “Just one more thing!” That thing is The Weekender, all the art and design news from the site and the big, bad wider world from this week in one big and pretty chunk for you.

  40. Wouters-here-int-list

    Our fourth annual Here symposium takes place in the summer and in the run-up to the event we’ll be looking at some of the stellar speakers who’ve graced the stage in previous years. Here is all about insight and inspiration, through accessible and enlightening talks from an international array of artists and designers, from big names to cutting-edge practitioners. Over the next few weeks the It’s Nice That team will be flagging up some of their favourite talks from the past three years, and next up is managing director Alex Bec on Job and Roel Wouters’ 2012 happening…