Lucy Bourton

Lucy joined It’s Nice That as an editorial assistant in July 2016 and became a staff writer in October 2016. She graduated from Chelsea College of art with a degree in Graphic Design Communication and has previously worked at Rough Trade. Lucy is particularly interested in graphic design, typography and illustration. Contact her if you have a suggestion for the It’s Nice That Friday Mixtape.

  1. Maxgutherlist Illustration Max Guther's hyper-real Sims-like illustrations
  2. Jacquesgreenelist Miscellaneous Jacques Greene’s new single will repeatedly play until it’s destroyed in real-time installation
  3. 00_fs_image_template_list Fontsmith: Local Characters Local Characters: Jimmy Turrell creates a bespoke typeface inspired by Newcastle’s Byker Wall
  4. Calvinkleinnewlogo Fashion Raf Simons redesigns Calvin Klein logo with Peter Saville
  5. Alicelist Illustration Alice Wietzel illustrates luscious ladies in new zine, Solarium
  6. Felixlist Art Felix Treadwell intermixes comical characters within fine art
  7. Roughtrademaglist Publication Liv Siddall shares her top ten moments of Rough Trade Magazine
  8. Benhutchingslist Graphic Design The prolific output of graphic design student Ben Hutchings
  9. Unnamed-1 Animation Clap! Clap!'s new animated video is an Italian illustrated joy
  10. Laetus_list Exhibition Donal Sturt and India Dickinson curate monochromatic exhibition, Laetus
  11. Sheffieldhospitallist Miscellaneous Morag Myerscough redesigns Sheffield Children's Hospital bedrooms with geometric interior patterns
  12. Intpodcastlist It's Nice That Podcast The It’s Nice That Podcast: discussing the attributes of public art
  13. Walled-garden-web Illustration Aart-Jan Venema's illustrational jungle for Green Man Festival
  14. Thingslist Things Things! The first influx of brilliant post we received this year
  15. 00_as_list Fontsmith: Local Characters Local Characters: Astrid Stavro’s tailored typeface showcases the split personality of Trieste
  16. Rinsetatelist Exhibition Rinse announces all-day collaborative art and music event at Tate Exchange
  17. Hannahwhitaker Exhibition Hannah Whitaker uses analogue photography techniques to display digitalised culture
  18. Mixtape_template_ga-4 Friday Mixtape Friday Mixtape: illustrator and guitarist, Gabriel Alcala
  19. Junelist Illustration Illustrator June Tate finds “that sweet spot between cute and profound”
  20. Justinelist Art Justine Rivas' poetry inspired melodic paintings
  21. Andreslist Illustration Andrés Magán's illustrations mix a tender and lively narrative
  22. Idirlist Illustration The digitally ethereal illustrations of Idir Davaine
  23. Acnestudiolist Fashion Bobby Gillespie photographed by Colin Dodgson for Acne Studios
  24. Scenicsimpsonslist Miscellaneous A chat with the anonymous curator behind Scenic Simpsons
  25. Teamlablist Exhibition teamLab opens Transcending Boundaries, stunning digital interactive artworks at Pace London
  26. Fs_image_template-list Fontsmith: Local Characters Local Characters: Anna Kulachek typographically depicts her hometown of Moscow
  27. Mainframelist Animation Mainframe turns the movements of recognisable objects on their head
  28. Sheffieldlist Exhibition Street View: Photographs of Urban Life, displays 100 years of photography
  29. Noinylogo_ Miscellaneous New One in New York: Simón Sepúlveda's six month design diary
  30. Eloiselist Graphic Design Eloïse Rossetti’s narrative and research-driven graphic design
  31. Stephanie_leinhos Illustration The comic book influences of illustrator Stefanie Leinhos
  32. Bradleykerllist Art The idyllic and relatable still lifes of Bradley Kerl
  33. Yelp_1_copy Graphic Design Graphic Designer Robynne Redgrave profiles prolific reviewer in You Can Change
  34. Guyyanailist Art The meticulously layered and striped paintings of Guy Yanai
  35. Eglelist Illustration The wacky, zany and eccentric world of illustrator Egle Zvirblyte
  36. Mandarinhotel Miscellaneous Peter Blake creates his largest artwork yet for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel
  37. Livanddomlist Product Design The delicately ornate, but very cheeky sculptures of Liv and Dom
  38. Jeremylist Illustration Nike pattern designer Jeremy Pettis' psychedelic illustration side project
  39. Nadinelist Illustration Nadine Kolodziey’s prolific output of creative colourful talent
  40. -splash Publication Gouffre: a treasure trove of international illustration
  41. List Illustration Georgia Haire’s intuitive and melodic illustrations
  42. List Publication Bauhaus publication discusses movement as a creative resource and outlet
  43. Elias_list Graphic Design The intelligently bold type and graphic design of Elias Hanzer
  44. List Publication Solange interviewed by Beyonce for February issue of Interview
  45. List Graphic Design Fabric reopens with new campaign from in-house art director, Roberto Rosolin
  46. Joakimlist Art The expressive paintings and sculptures of Joakim Ojanen
  47. Lealist Illustration Léa Maupetit illustrates the career of Matisse's apprentice Jacqueline Duhême
  48. Jordanlist Art The delectably layered paintings of Australian artist, Jordan Kerwick
  49. Crumblist Exhibition Exhibition of comic artist heroes Aline Kominksy-Crumb and Robert Crumb to open in New York
  50. Leopoldinelist Illustration The diligently drawn felt tip illustrations of Léopoldine Siaud
  51. List Photography Sparkling Past: celebrating the work of photographer, Jean-François De Witte
  52. Tarotlist Exhibition Artists design tarot cards to represent the uncertain future of 2017
  53. Can_dagarslani12 Photography Can Dagarslani personifies serenity in photographic series at Bauhaus
  54. 113_lechatetlepoisson-1 Illustration The comical content of French illustrator Roxane Lumeret
  55. Podcastlist It's Nice That Podcast The It's Nice That Podcast investigates the digital phenomenon of the emoji
  56. Janethansenlist Graphic Design Narrative and design: a chat with Penguin book cover designer Janet Hansen
  57. Liisakruslist Art Liisa Kruusmägi's deliciously rich, layered artworks
  58. Otw17_724x4744 Ones to Watch 2017 Ones to Watch 2017: photographer Joyce NG
  59. Otw17_724x47412 Ones to Watch 2017 Ones to Watch 2017: material conservationist Seetal Solanki
  60. Decemberlist Things It's the most wonderful time of the year! Here's December's Things
  61. Krass_01 Graphic Design Frame Creative designs Sinner typeface for Krass Journal issue three
  62. Supergrup Review of the Year 2016 Review of the year 2016: graphic designers Süpergrüp
  63. Anna_ginsburg Review of the Year 2016 Review of the Year 2016: animator Anna Ginsburg
  64. List Photography Austin Irving explores the anthropocentric tendencies of modern tourism in Show Caves
  65. List Illustration The mind-boggling collage comics of Samplerman
  66. Warplist Graphic Design HelloMe designs additional Warp Records website to celebrate its 2016 releases
  67. List Photography Lena C. Emery's fresh view of femininity in monograph Rie 理絵 (NSFW)
  68. List Art The poised collages of New Contemporaries artist Katja Angeli
  69. List Photography The compositional eye of photographer Petr Pawlowski
  70. List Film Neil Krug creates mystifying new Bonobo video using drones
  71. Illuminatedbridgelist Architecture Light artist Leo Villarreal wins Illuminated River competition to light up London’s bridges
  72. List Publication 100 hours with The Beatles: Shimpei Asai's photographs from 1966
  73. Joeschlaudlist Illustration Joe Schlaud's cheeky Kama Sutra illustrations (NSFW)
  74. List Miscellaneous Do The Green Thing launches alternative gifting system to tackle climate change
  75. Leelist Illustration The misty-eyed and delicate pencil marks of Lee Kyutae
  76. Davidbaileylist Photography David Bailey's photographs of NW1, republished and exhibited for the first time
  77. Paulabillinglist Illustration The effortlessly lovely hand-drawn illustrations of Paula Bulling
  78. List Graphic Design Kii Monroe Arens' delicious gig posters
  79. Img019 Photography Joshua T Gibbons provides an insight into the relaxed bachelor lifestyle of Cockney Stan
  80. Iloveme Illustration Latvian illustrator Zane Zlemeša's delicately painted drawings