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Rebecca joined us as an editorial intern after studying at Norwich University College of the Arts. She originally wrote for the site between March and June 2012 and returned in May 2015 as an editorial assistant.


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  1. Sarahtanatjones_carmen_itsnicethat_list

    The opera isn’t a staple on my cultural calendar but its alluring arias and ostentatious costumes seem so exotic and intriguing that perhaps I should let the dramatic melodies permeate my ear drums more often. Especially when institutions like the Scottish Opera seem keen on engaging people of all ages by enlisting the illustrative talents of London-based Sarah Tanat-Jones.

  2. Mariette_pathy_allen_itsnicethat_list

    Mariette Pathy Allen’s photographs are striking because they’re unlike any series about the transgender community I’ve seen before. Rather than focusing on the the theatrics and glamour often presented to us, Mariette wanted to capture the everyday life of a community who were choosing to live in the gender that felt most comfortable to them. Mariette’s photographed the transgendered community for 30 years now but that first photograph was completely by luck. “In 1978 I was in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. I stayed in the same hotel as a group of cross-dressers who invited me to join them for breakfast on the last morning,” Mariette explains. “When I took a group picture, I was moved by looking into the eyes of one of the people in the group. I felt as though I was looking at the essence of a human being, rather than a man or woman.”

  3. Studio_storz_itsnicethat_list

    Berlin-based Studio Storz has a portfolio chock-full of visual identities, editorial design and book design that’s varied in style. What differentiates Studio Storz from other design practices is its collaborative approach to design. As part of Spector Bureau, a collection of designers, artists and publishers, it actively works with other professionals in the field. It sees the role of designers as ever expanding and one that can manifest itself as researcher, engineer, craftsman and communicator; and the studio’s relationship with the Heidelberger Kunstverein has been ongoing since 2012.

  4. Animade-itsnicethat-list

    Tennis season is definitely in full swing now with the first game of Wimbledon kicking off (or whatever the tennis equivalent is) today. What better way to usher in the quintessentially British tournament than with some animation from our favourites Animade. Originally created for last month’s 2015 French Open as part of IBM’s interactive campaign for the tournament, eight animations and illustrations were displayed via large-scale advertisements around Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport and the Roland-Garros tennis stadium.

  5. Camilla_perkins_itsnicethat_list

    Camilla Perkins is based in Brighton, and her illustrations use only the brightest hues which I hope are influenced by her seaside surroundings. We’ve not featured Camilla’s pictures since 2013, and it’s great to see how her style has developed since then. Shying away from collections of objects, it seems Camilla’s been perfecting her skills in illustrating the human form and the result is wonderful. Her figures are mainly surrounded by basic props and shapes, but the faces and features of her characters are marked out carefully in scratchy lines. In some images bold expanses of pattern applied as floors or walls are a lovely addition to all the brightness and it’s these details that really make Camilla’s work stand out.

  6. Alexander_short_selfie_stick_itsnicethat_list

    Probably the number one stocking filler of Christmas 2014, the selfie stick has only heightened the narcissism epidemic and further perpetuated the social media notion that if you don’t document your face at a place then you were never there. In Alexander Short’s series Take a Good Look at Yourself, he perfectly encapsulates how hilarious these selfie stick portraits look to the people around them. Like the technological equivalent of shouting that you’re having a great time, it’s hilarious to see people on their own, in couples or big groups so determined to get these perfect self-portraits.

  7. Lust_typedynamic_itsnicethat_list

    LUST not only has a great name, but is a studio covering a huge range of disciplines in an extraordinary way. Based in The Hague, Netherlands, it’s this project the studio did last year at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam that demonstrates the studio’s unique and varied approach. An interactive installation for the exhibition Type/Dynamics, the show aimed to comment on the work of experimental graphic designer Jurriaan Schrofer.

  8. Mads_berg_itsnicethat_list

    Danish illustrator Mads Berg’s modern take on the classic poster has seen him clock up an international client list including Wired, Monocle, Legoland and Carlsberg. His portfolio is filled with gloriously soft colours that emphasise his bold brushstrokes and simply constructed figures.

  9. Mannnu_itsnicethat_list

    Mannnu AKA Manu Rodriguez’s website is simple and considered with only a handful of projects included, but it’s ample opportunity to get a sense of how this art director and designer works. Based in Barcelona, the two projects created in collaboration with Spanish photographer Jose Perroche caught our eye.

  10. Isabel_magowan_cygnets_itsnicethat_list

    Isabel Magowan’s series Cygnets is a magnificent portrayal of youth in all its forms. It’s the baby swans’ temperament that inspired Isabel, with their graceful and delicate appearance often undercut by their fierce tendencies. “All the individuals in my images are young, their perspective and attitude towards life only just forming,” New York-based Isabel explains. “There is a period where innocence is chipped away as one becomes self-aware, increasingly meeting societal expectations and ideas.”

  11. Owen_gatley_itsnicethat_list

    We last featured illustrator Owen Gatley back in 2012, and since then his client list has expanded impressively. Creating work for Condé Nast Traveller and airline magazines such as German Wings magazine and Jet Away, Owen has carved a lovely niche for himself through his travel-themed editorial illustrations. Simply outlined characters with expressive faces run across beaches, explore while on safari and ski past chalets. Cheerful, bright and charming, his most recent work is a joy to look at and instantly whisks me away to the destinations he’s depicting.

  12. Amandine_urruty_itsnicethat_list

    There’s something charmingly bizarre about Amandine Urruty’s illustrations. Like Victorian portraits, the French artist’s characters sit quietly, are well-behaved and have excellent posture but the subjects and the commotion that surrounds them is what makes them so interesting.

  13. Zoo_festival_de_l%e2%80%99histoire_de_l%e2%80%99art_itsnicethat_list

    Paris-based studio Zoo has been featured on the site before for their zesty posters for a music event, and this time they’re back with a beautiful identity for the Festival de l’Histoire de l’Art 2015. Created as part of a proposal for a competition held by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the theme was “Matière de l’œuvre (the matter of the work of art).”

  14. Baker_bathsofbudapest_itsnicethat_list

    The art of bathing is one we’ve lost in this country. While we like to languish in lidos, swim lengths at the local leisure centre and dip our toes in a back garden paddling pool, it’s rare you’ll grab a communal bath with your friends – unless you’ve been on a city break to Bath or play rugby. Fortunately the tradition has continued in Budapest, and it’s where London-based photographer Baker’s latest series takes place.

  15. Muokkaa_yorokobu_itsnicethat_list

    Showing a bit of love for the humble number is Muokkaa Studio AKA Alex López Becerro, with his series of Memphis-inspired numbers for Spanish magazine Yorokobu and their annual calendar. A fabulous mix of primary shades and pastel hues, these creations are all 3D renders but start as sketches on paper. “Once I have an idea that I think will work, I start working on the computer. For this project I designed shapes, modules and patterns to form the letters – because they have several elements in common, they form a font family of numbers,” Alex explains.

  16. Tom_geraedts_itsnicethat_list

    Tom Geraedts’ film for the Oasis of Matisse exhibition currently on show at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is a beautiful tribute to the artist famed for his simple yet powerful cut-outs. It’s incredible how motion designer and director Tom has so seamlessly allowed nature to peel itself apart to reveal bright, tropical colours within; the floating, abstract shapes gliding weightlessly through the gallery past some of Matisse’s most famous works. With a portfolio full of brilliant creative work and clients including BBC World News, M&C Saatchi and ITV, Tom is definitely one to watch out for.

  17. Michael_raisch_jurassic_park_itsnicethat_list

    So many of our beloved movie franchises have been recycled into various remakes, sequels, and prequels. Jurassic Park is no exception with the fourth instalment, Jurassic World currently in a cinema near you. But within the ether of the internet we’ve stumbled across this incredible remake of the original film, videoed 20 years ago by two kids in their basement.

  18. Josh_haywood_arbour_itsnicethat_list

    With new-build apartments and houses popping up all over the landscape at incredible speed, it’s so interesting to see a project that focuses on true artistry and craft in architecture. Following on from the Hayam Sun Temple Josh Haywood and his team built last year at Burning Man festival in Nevada, the team hopes to construct a new installation titled Arbour.

  19. Kings_cross_pavilions_itsnicethat_list

    Two striking pavilions have been added to the King’s Cross landscape by four Irish architecture studios as part of this year’s London Festival of Architecture. The Red Pavilion was designed as a collaboration between TAKA, Clancy Moore Architects and Steve Larkin Architects, who all share a studio in Dublin. Sat alongside is the Yellow Pavilion created by Belfast-based Hall McKnight.

  20. Jacob_t_swinney_itsnicethat_list

    While this video has already made the rounds a couple of times, we keep finding ourselves going back to this film by Jacob T. Swinney. Using 55 films, Jacob brilliantly supercuts the first and final frames of each and places them side-by-side. It’s a fascinating insight into the filmmakers’ decisions and the themes that weave their way into the big, blockbuster features. Some of the opening and closing shots are bewitchingly similar, some show progression or misfortune, and others simply use stunning imagery to grab our attention. From Silver Linings Playbook to The Usual Suspects, Jacobs simultaneously captures the anticipation and resolution felt when watching a film beautifully by placing these two moments next to each other.

  21. Here_london_sam_bradley_itsnicethat_list

    At this year’s Here we commissioned London-based photographer Sam Bradley to capture the day behind the scenes. Held at the Royal Geographical society, Sam has captured the grandeur of the space perfectly. With beautiful portraits of the speakers, the day’s activities and a few crowd shots, it’s a fantastic peek at one of our favourite days of the year.

  22. Tj_tambellini_year_west_itsnicethat_list

    In his vivid series Year West, photographer TJ Tambellini allows us to revel in the abstract with beautifully cropped close-ups. On first glance this series is centred on the hyperreal quality of the everyday, but beyond the aesthetics this personal project signifies change for the photographer. “These photos were taken a year after moving to Los Angeles, a pivotal moment where I noticed a shift in style and medium, creating a more sculptural product.”

  23. Mia_international_sound_itsnicethat_list

    There’s something so wonderfully pleasing about synchronicity and in M.I.A and Gener8ion’s new video The New International Sound Pt. II, the discipline exuded by all involved is stunning. Featuring the 36,000 students of Shaolin Tagou, the biggest fighting school for children in China, it’s a spectacular sight to see kids of all ages perform these delicate but deadly moves in perfect unison.

  24. Florian_mewes_maak_plaats_itsnicethat_list

    As we all know Holland is much more than tulips and clogs, and this publication commissioned by the Dutch government is just one initiative that suggests those in power are keen to move on from this old-fashioned stereotype. Titled Maak Plaats! (Make Space!) this 400 page publication presents masses of research and proposes a strategy centred around transit-oriented development (TOD) for the north Holland precinct. It sounds complex, but the basic idea is to utilise the land surrounding public transport stations for housing and other urban functions therefore adding more value to the area.

  25. Pieter_van_eenoge_itsnicethat_list

    Featured last November for his fantastic work for ZEIT Magazin, we’ve had another rummage through illustrator Pieter Van Eenoge’s portfolio and there’s some lovely additions. With a mix of personal and commissioned editorial work, Pieter’s style is as strong as ever as he gently weaves unusual characters into his sprawling worlds.

  26. Spencer_murphy_itsnicethat_list

    It’s a been a few years since we last featured photographer Spencer Murphy, but since winning the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize in 2013, his portfolio has grown considerably and is just as stunning. His latest project The Dwelling is not only beautiful but it has fascinating origins. “At a time when I was deep in the throes of attempting to buy my first flat in London, after over a decade of paying extortionate rents in the capital, I found myself escaping to the woods, just the other side of the M25, the city still a throbbing reminder on the horizon,” Spencer explains. 

  27. Massimo_vignelli_itsnicethat_list

    Last week Timeless, Massimo Vignelli opened at the Disseny Hub as part of Barcelona Design Week to coincide with the first anniversary of Italian designer’s death. Created by Spanish studio Husmee, the show consists of 53 posters developed by some of the best studios and designers in the world including; Milton Glaser, Build, Graphical House, Javier Mariscal, Magpie and many others.

  28. Candace_karch_msulmer_itsnicethat_list

    These images of 97-year-old Marie Ulmer from American photographer Candace Karch are incredibly charming. Marie is an artist and has been making a piece of work everyday for the last 90 years. Throughout Ms. Ulmer, Candace documents Marie’s life: in some images she’s in the throes of creating, others she’s reclining theatrically on a blanket-laden settee or simply reading with her magnifying glass. It’s a beautiful portrait, with humour and vitality framing every image.

  29. Aoi_shortlist_itsnicethat_list

    The Association of Illustrators (AOI) has announced the first batch of shortlisted entries for its 2015 awards. Reviewed by a jury of international industry professionals, the shortlist reflects the work created “by illustrators currently making an outstanding contribution to visual culture.” Sifting through over 2000 entries, the shortlist comprises eight categories including; Children’s Books, Editorial, Self-Initiated and New Talent, among others.

  30. Kokoro_moi_itsnicethat_list

    Design studio Kokoro & Moi has created this wonderfully bright identity for the Guggenheim Helsinki NOW exhibition recently on show at the Taidehalli in the city. As part of the Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation is seeking a visionary design for a proposed Guggenheim museum in Helsinki.

  31. Daniel_stier_itsnicethat_list

    Daniel Stier’s recent series Ways of Knowing instantly catapults you straight into the world of scientific research. A fascinating study into the self-built technology of the world’s brightest brains, these images are intriguing and extraordinary. Daniel captures a range of experiments using human subjects, having visited state-of-the-art research institutions across Europe and the USA.

  32. Duane_hanson_serpentine_itsnicethat_list

    Walking through the doors of the Serpentine Sackler Gallery you’re instantly met by Duane Hanson’s Flea Market Lady parading her worldly belongings in a yard sale. You expect her to look up and acknowledge your arrival, but she remains still. Even though you know she’s a mixed media amalgamation of oil, bronze and plastic, a part of you still expects her to glance away from her magazine. This unnerving feeling follows you throughout the Duane Hanson retrospective and his sculptures exude such an overwhelming presence it’s both captivating and unsettling. 

  33. Studio_moniker_placeastone_itsnicethat_list

    On Sunday 7 June, Studio Moniker launched Place a Stone, a participatory memorial for the 31 people who died in Dam Square, Amsterdam on 7 May 1945. Despite the German occupation of the Netherlands ending, many towns and villages had yet to be liberated. Crowds gathered in Dam Square to celebrate, but German marines still in the area began shooting into the crowd from a balcony above the square. The motives behind the shooting still remain unclear but it was a tragedy that shook Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

  34. Charlotte_heal_itsnicethat_list

    Any fans of MasterChef series seven will remember winner Tim Anderson, the eccentric American whose final plates of food were, in his words, “a global extravaganza.” Following the dream of amateur cook to big-time chef, Tim’s got a successful cookbook out and it’s been designed by Charlotte Heal, one of our Here 2015 speakers.

  35. Ana_mirats_itsnicethat_list

    With her understated, cool approach, it’s clear that lookbooks for funky luxury brands are Spanish designer Ana Mirats’ niche. But it’s this AW14/15 catalogue for Italian brand Kocca that caught our eye with its summery pastels and playful typography.

  36. Monika_merva_city_of_children_list

    It was in 2000 that photographer Monika Merva first had the idea for her project, The City of Children. “I moved to Budapest… [and] while brainstorming the subject matter with one of my cousins, she mentioned this place referred to as ‘Children City’. I was immediately interested,” Monika explains. A government housing facility for children in need of a safe place, Children City was not known for "letting outsiders in and so the photographer’s quest of gaining access began.

  37. Andre_da_loba_itsnicethat_list

    It’s all about the context for certain projects and it would’ve been easy to assume Portuguese illustrator André da Loba just wanted to shock with his taboo graphics. But these illustrations are taken from OBSCÉNICA: Contos d’Escárnio & Textos Grotescos and OBSCÉNICA: Bufólicas, a two part anthology that showcases the work of late Brazilian poet, playwright and novelist Hilda Hilst.

  38. Simon_roth_posters_itsnicethat_list

    Living and working in Cologne, graphic designer Simon Roth has a wealth of strong poster work under his utility belt of design. Bright, punchy and bold, there are multiple nuggets of cool composition and imagery in his work. While there’s an air of familiarity to some posters, like the orderly type set against elegantly folded paper, his portfolio still has great variety. Many of his posters have been created for artist talks and exhibitions, with the Simultanhalle series he designed with Lisa Pommerenke standing out most to me. It’s great to see Simon’s uninhibited use of colour not just highlighting the event but roaring about it.

  39. Daniel_soares_totally_free_itsnicethat_list

    As a kid I had the kind of roller skates that neatly fitted over your shoes. It was like being given the gift of movement, no longer did I walk, I glided. I didn’t turn corners at right angles, I danced and whirled around them. It was a sad day when they’d been adjusted as far as they could go and no longer fitted me, and the hobby had to be relinquished to my childhood. But for a small group in San Francisco roller skating is a part of their daily life and it’s the focus of Daniel Soares’ film Totally Free.

  40. James_victore_burning_questions_itsnicethat_list

    For a while now designer, art director and author James Victore has been answering questions about life, love and work on Youtube, Burning Questions. Answering questions sent in by viewers he talks candidly about everything and anything, from the mundane to the conceptual, which makes for great viewing.