Rebecca Fulleylove

Rebecca returned to It’s Nice That as editorial assistant in May 2015. She originally joined as an editorial intern in 2012 after graduating from Norwich University of the Arts.

  1. Amandine_urruty_itsnicethat_list Illustration French artist Amandine Urruty's illustrations are wonderfully bizarre
  2. Zoo_festival_de_l%e2%80%99histoire_de_l%e2%80%99art_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Paris-based studio Zoo plays with the graphic possibilities of marble
  3. Baker_bathsofbudapest_itsnicethat_list Photography Baker's latest series captures the characters of the Budapest baths
  4. Muokkaa_yorokobu_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Spanish studio Muokkaa creates these jazzy Memphis-inspired set of numbers
  5. Tom_geraedts_itsnicethat_list Film Tom Geraedts creates this wonderful cut-outs film for Matisse exhibition
  6. Michael_raisch_jurassic_park_itsnicethat_list Film This genuine 1990s kid remake of Jurassic Park is amazing in every way
  7. Josh_haywood_arbour_itsnicethat_list Architecture The renders of Josh Haywood's Burning Man sculpture are incredible
  8. Kings_cross_pavilions_itsnicethat_list Architecture Striking red and yellow pavilions installed at London's King's Cross
  9. Jacob_t_swinney_itsnicethat_list Film Amazing video of first and final film scenes shown at the same time
  10. Here_london_sam_bradley_itsnicethat_list Here 2015 Behind the scenes at Here with photographer Sam Bradley
  11. Tj_tambellini_year_west_itsnicethat_list Photography TJ Tambellini's abstract images capture the hyperreal everyday of LA
  12. Mia_international_sound_itsnicethat_list Film M.I.A and Gener8ion's new vid features 36,000 Chinese fighting school kids
  13. Florian_mewes_maak_plaats_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Well-designed govt research book from Florian Mewes and Alfons Hooikaas
  14. Pieter_van_eenoge_itsnicethat_list Illustration Colourfully composed images in Pieter Van Eenoge's updated portfolio
  15. Spencer_murphy_itsnicethat_list Photography Spencer Murphy's images of Runnymede's off-grid community
  16. Massimo_vignelli_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Studio Husmee commemorate Massimo Vignelli in new show
  17. Candace_karch_msulmer_itsnicethat_list Photography Candace Karch's charming photographs of her 97 year-old muse
  18. Aoi_shortlist_itsnicethat_list Illustration The AOI announces the shortlisted entries for its 2015 illustration awards
  19. Kokoro_moi_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Kokoro & Moi's bright exhibition identity for Helsinki Design Competition
  20. Daniel_stier_itsnicethat_list Photography Photographer Daniel Stier reveals the bizarre world of scientific research
  21. Duane_hanson_serpentine_itsnicethat_list Art Duane Hanson's hyperreal sculptures question how we address the world
  22. Studio_moniker_placeastone_itsnicethat_list Digital Studio Moniker launches Place a Stone, an interactive memorial
  23. Charlotte_heal_itsnicethat_list Publication Charlotte Heal's beautiful cookbook design for MasterChef winner
  24. Ana_mirats_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Spanish designer Ana Mirats' lookbooks are understated and beautifully shot
  25. Monika_merva_city_of_children_list Photography Candid photographs taken in a Hungarian children's home from Monika Merva
  26. Andre_da_loba_itsnicethat_list Illustration André da Loba's graphic, imaginative erotic illustrations (slightly NSFW)
  27. Simon_roth_posters_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Simon Roth's posters are brilliantly bold and coolly composed
  28. Daniel_soares_totally_free_itsnicethat_list Film Daniel Soares' film captures the joy and freedom of roller skating
  29. James_victore_burning_questions_itsnicethat_list Video Great video of James Victore and Steve Powers talking about process
  30. Marta_gawin_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Polish designer creates sculpture-inspired identity for arts festival
  31. Will_cooper_mitch_nicaragua_itsnicethat_list Photography William Cooper Mitchell's photographs of Nicaragua go beyond the average tourist's
  32. Morphoria_diegrosse_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Morphoria creates simple but impactful black and white exhibition identity
  33. Sanda_anderlon_at_the_beach_itsnicethat_list Art Sanda Anderlon's gigantic collages are wonderfully detailed
  34. Barbara_dziadosz_itsnicethat_list Illustration Illustrator Barbara Dziadosz's colourful characters make us smile
  35. Groszcolab_ascuiandco_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Australia-based Grosz Co. Lab create colourful identity for architecture firm
  36. Weekender_list Weekender Start your glorious Bank Holiday weekend with the Weekender!
  37. List_michael_james_obrien_girlfriend_itsnicethat Photography Michael James O'Brien's fantastic images capture 90s drag culture
  38. List_tomas_alonso_lines_waves_itsnicethat Product Design Stunning crinkle-cut marble tables from Spanish designer Tomás Alonso
  39. List-naonori_yago_laforet_itsnicethat_1 Graphic Design Naonori Yago designs a sophisticated identity for a Japanese department store
  40. Kate_prior_itsnicethat_list Illustration Kate Prior's illustrations are boisterous and colourful
  41. Be_elastic_snap_list Product Design Create a table out of anything with SNAP from design studio Be-elastic
  42. Parterre_de_rois_list Bookshelf The editors of Parterre de Rois show us their favourite books
  43. Mini_ill_studio_another_reality_its_nice_that_list Video Ill-Studio creates stunning and witty guide to augmented reality for MINI 
  44. Adrian_samson_heatwave_its_nice_that_list Photography Adrian Samson's cinematic images capture the everyday wonderfully
  45. Ricco_maresca_mexican_pulp_art_its_nice_that_list_2 Art Fantastically kitsch Mexican pulp paperback covers
  46. Anastasica_tsayder_summer_olympics_its_nice_that_list Photography Anastasia Tsayder captures enormity of 1980's Moscow Olympics decades later
  47. Gigi_rose_gray_solo_show_its_nice_that_list Illustration Beautiful women and buildings from American illustrator Gigi Rose Gray
  48. Homework_fischerspooner_its_nice_that_list Graphic Design Danish studio Homework’s stunning monograph for Fisherspooner
  49. Camper_life_on_foot_its_nice_that_list Exhibition Great graphics in Design Museum's Camper 40th anniversary celebration
  50. Therese_ottem_nyc_opera_its_nice_that_list Graphic Design Therese Ottem creates an identity for the now-bankrupt New York City Opera
  51. List Illustration Tom Haugomat's illustrations are super stylish and composed
  52. List Film Stark Films create a wonderfully imaginative video to showcase web fonts
  53. List Illustration Magoz's vibrant editorial illustrations are wonderfully minimal
  54. List Photography German photographer Astrid Korntheuer captures colourfully chaotic scenes
  55. List Art Mark Lazenby continues to amaze with his latest collages
  56. List Art Will Cotton's oil-painted sugary scenes are insanely beautiful
  57. List Graphic Design Spanish studio Querida designs a cool optical catalogue
  58. List Publication Masters students Ricardo Ferrol and Johannes Bauer create a well-designed book on identity
  59. List Art Alain Delorme transforms plastic bags into elegant flocks of birds
  60. List Photography Oliver Hadlee Pearch's playful shoot for Arena Homme+ is cooly nostalgic
  61. List Photography Beautifully edgy photography from London-based Tung Walsh
  62. List-1-dai-kannon.-sendai_-japan_-100m-(330-ft).-built-in1991 Photography Fabrice Fouillet captures ridiculously gigantic status in their urban settings
  63. List Graphic Design Sophisticated work from French studio Atelier Tout va bien
  64. List Art Fantastically detailed scenes of everyday life with a twist from Paige Jiyoung Moon
  65. List Art Lynnie Zulu's new solo show colourfully explores the female form
  66. List-tungsten_beach_6 Photography Marco Andres Arguello snaps nightime coastlines in his Tungsten Beach series
  67. List Art Vibrant, pebble-like paintings from Berlin-based artist Frau Grau
  68. List Photography Mária Švarbová's figurine-like photographs are strangely hypnotic
  69. List Graphic Design A funky fresh museum identity from Finnish studio Tsto
  70. List Graphic Design Estonia-based studio AKU creates a tropical identity for a music festival
  71. List Illustration Wonderful editorial illustrations from Aron Vellekoop León
  72. List Illustration Jon Contino creates new illustrations for the chilling tales of Stephen King
  73. Gruetzner-tanztee-1_(list) Photography Colourful dancing ladies captured by German photographer Andrea Grützner
  74. List Animation Buck animates the future of the internet
  75. List Photography Stunning portrait photography by Ester Grass Vergara
  76. List Animation Colourful and musical animations from Drew Tyndell
  77. List Art Alex Chinneck's life-size house of wax will melt over its 30 day lifespan
  78. List2 Animation Fantastic animations for Harvard's online neuroscience course
  79. Main1 Photography Luca Perrin's photographs focus on the details of architecture
  80. List Illustration Michael Parkin's illustrations are wonderfully observed