Rebecca Fulleylove

Rebecca returned to It’s Nice That as editorial assistant in May 2015. She originally joined as an editorial intern in 2012 after graduating from Norwich University of the Arts.

  1. List Here 2014 Here 2014: Artists Lernert & Sander
  2. List Here 2014 Here 2014: Menswear designers Agi & Sam
  3. List Here 2014 Here 2014: Photographer Ewen Spencer
  4. List Here 2014 Here 2014: Graphic designer Mirko Borsche
  5. List Here 2014 Here 2014: The Gentlewoman's editor-in-chief Penny Martin
  6. List Photography Photography: Stills and Strokes' images of smoothies are beautifully garish
  7. List Photography Photography: Robert Ormerod documents Scotland's young politicians
  8. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Christina Magnussen's portfolio is bright and beautiful
  9. List Photography Photography: Martha Fleming-Ives captures her father's deepening depression beautifully
  10. List Set Design Set Design: Tom Hancocks' wonderful project puts spheres in the spotlight
  11. List Photography Photography: Charlie Schuck's images for Kinfolk's new issue are simply sublime
  12. List Product Design Product Design: Samuel Wilkinson's series of striking desk objects will declutter your mind
  13. List Photography Photography: Maciek Pozoga is back again with some beautiful, disarming portraits
  14. List Film Film: Jungles in Paris elegantly document Jamaica's incredible swimming horses
  15. Lisst Graphic Design Graphic Design: Yuma Harada's stunning portfolio is well worth a look
  16. Choc Film Film: Simon Pénochet's film about a chocolate factory is deliciously stunning
  17. List Furniture Design Furniture Design: Kueng Caputo create a series of beautifully cosmic leather and enamel furniture
  18. List Photography Photography: Peng Yangjun captures the bizarre "face-kini" trend marvellously
  19. List Photography Photography: William Miller repurposes discarded negatives to create jewel-like images
  20. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Matteo Gualandris' design portfolio is full of super sleek, glossy work
  21. Elena-list Illustration Illustration: Elena Xausa's bold and colourful drawings put a smile on our faces
  22. List Music Music Video: Studio Moross collaborates with We Were Evergreen on their new music video
  23. Bflist Photography Akram Zaatari's narrative drenched kissing series explored in new show
  24. Bookshelf-list Bookshelf Illustrator, designer and DJ Margot Bowman gives us a cheeky peek at her Bookshelf
  25. Things-list Things This week Things champions guinea pigs, lost lands and New York City
  26. List Photography Stunning snow landscapes that capture silence from photographer Akos Major
  27. List Graphic Design The beautiful game gets a redesign in David Watson's Euro 2012 posters
  28. List Photography Fashion designer Masha Reva wows us these flamboyant camouflaged designs
  29. List2 Graphic Design Lovely, animal-based jazz festival posters from designers Atelier Martino&Jaña
  30. List Photography Beautifully still, time warped photographs of houses during estate sales from Sarah Girner
  31. List Graphic Design Graphic designer Martin Martonen uses type beautifully throughout his work
  32. List Art Brilliant deep-fried gadgets from photographer Henry Hargreaves
  33. Things-list Graphic Design Roll up, roll up for a flavoursome Things full of paper, a children's mag and a film festival programme
  34. Weekender-list Weekender The Weekender – super-cool kids, holy water-based sweet treats and tube wifi
  35. List Art Augustine Kofie's abtsract architectural images are mechanical beauties
  36. List Architecture Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei's stunning Serpentine Pavilion has been unveiled
  37. List Product Design Beautiful tableware designs based on machine parts from Minale-Maeda
  38. List Architecture Thomas Heatherwick retrospective at V&A gives a fascinating insight into his design process
  39. List Graphic Design Marius Roosendaal distracts us with these wonderfully designed geometric posters
  40. List Illustration Dive head first into illustrator Zansky's whimsical and folksy creations
  41. List Fashion Menswear gets fun and frivolous in these lookbooks from Agi & Sam
  42. List222 Photography Beautifully eerie mother and daughter portraits from Julia Fullerton-Batten
  43. List2 Graphic Design Clean, simple and excellent typographical design work from Studio Lin
  44. List Art Fabian Oefner blows our mind with these spectacular watercolour and ferrofluid photographs
  45. List Art Elusive street artist Faif makes clever digs at the art scene in his sarcastic works
  46. List Graphic Design Beautiful and cleanly designed pamphlets from Barcelona-based studio Hey
  47. Things-list Miscellaneous Time to relish Things in the sunshine-a London map, a mag that wrestles itself and some pictures not of a man's wife
  48. List Graphic Design Brilliant posters that still amaze from the 1972 Munich Olympics by Otl Aicher
  49. List Art David Lyle skillfully reproduces black and white photographs with a playful edge
  50. Listy Product Design Fascinating concepts from designer Lucas Maassen, who gets his sons to paint furniture
  51. List2 Graphic Design Lovely embroidered typography bursting with colour from Maricor/Maricar
  52. 3 Product Design Studio Mischer'Traxler tell us about what inspires their exciting and innovative product designs
  53. List Art Spectacular and colourful rocky landscapes from photographer David Benjamin Sherry
  54. List Photography Gideon Mendel's photographs of flood victims are stunningly powerful
  55. List Art Brilliantly sophisticated paper sculptures from the excellent Bianca Chang
  56. Listit_snicethat_graduates_listings2 Miscellaneous Your guide to the grad show season: The Graduate Listings 2012
  57. List Art Stunningly eerie wooden portraits of children from artist Tilo Uischner
  58. List Art Insanely life-like and fascinating comic book paintings from Sharon Moody
  59. Magnum Photography Stunning photography exhibition from each of Magnum's 62 members
  60. Things-list Things Things gets all patriotic this week with home-grown publications and a sprinkling of Brazillian culture too
  61. List Graphic Design Mixing up the gig poster with these lovely illustrations is studio Landland
  62. List Photography Madame Peripetie's eccentric photographs are weird but oh so striking
  63. List Graphic Design The colourful, illustrated world's of Vesa Sammalisto put a smile on our face
  64. Lissst Illustration Check out Raymond Lemstra and his wonderfully quirky robotic totems
  65. List Art Amazingly detailed cathedral-like truck models created by Wim Delvoye
  66. Cannes-list Film Every available trailer for those films in the running for the top prize at Cannes
  67. List Illustration Mitch Blunt's illustrations for the corporate world are colourful and smart
  68. List Art Excellently bleak and pastel depictions of disaster-torn places from Amze Emmons
  69. List Illustration Justin Mezzell's brilliant illustrations make us want to dive back in time
  70. Comet Animation Sweet animation from George Shelbourn about a comet that's lost its way
  71. List Graphic Design Lovely-looking, girly in a great way graphic design from Marta Cerdà Alimbau
  72. List Sculpture Beautifully simple everyday-object mobile sculptures from Hanna Sandin
  73. List Graphic Design Brightening our day is the colourful and humorous work of Juan F. Leguizamon
  74. List Illustration V&A Illustration Awards 2012 has announced its shortlist and it's a cracker
  75. Dom15 Art Stunning, intimate paintings from the 1960s by Domenico Gnoli
  76. Things-list Things Things this week celebrates Norwegian skateboarding, Rob Ryan's imagination and lovely greeting cards
  77. List Graphic Design Matt Chase's graphic and illustration is a cavalcade of accomplished variety
  78. Nb Photography Super-cool photos from Neil Bedford of squashed faces and fashion for Inventory
  79. List Illustration Folky illustrations from Talita Hoffmann that question life wonderfully
  80. List Product Design Design Museum announces the 2012 Designers in Residence