1. List Advertising Leslie David paints the town (i.e. Paris) rainbow in these brilliant postcards for Colette
  2. List Film Superb behind-the-scenes film opens up D&AD Black Pencil judging
  3. Mrlist Advertising Spot-on Apple spoof from Wieden + Kennedy for American gum brand
  4. List Advertising Adidas crank up the feelgood factor with their athletes recreating a Queen classic
  5. List Advertising Designing London 2012: The clash of the commercial titans features in our ad round-up
  6. Lenamain Film Is that Jon Hamm?! Lena Dunham and friends introduce The New Yorker app in this hilarious promo
  7. List Advertising Spencer Murphy shoots a striking campaign warning of the threats to surfing
  8. Dtslist Advertising Dan Tobin Smith refreshed his site with a host of great work and a new home for his super-lovely letters
  9. Branding Publication An interview with the Computer Arts editor about their new thematic Collection
  10. Timeslist Film Greg White's striking pictures of The Times sports writers pack a powerful punch
  11. Nikelist Advertising Cheeky other London Nike campaign bids to circumvent sponsorship rules
  12. Jorgeprimo-list Advertising Sunny summer footwear posters from the portfolio of Jorge Primo
  13. Shlist Advertising Channel 4's brilliant Paralympic advert sets a new standard
  14. Jilly-ballistic Advertising Wonderfully irreverent pop-up street art from Jilly Ballistic
  15. Podcast-list Advertising Our fifth Studio Audience podcast is an advertising special – sell sell sell!
  16. Applist Advertising Pentagram's Abbott Miler brings modern dance to life with excellent iPad app
  17. List Advertising The final big winners at the Cannes Lions as adland honours a brilliant animation
  18. Canneslist Advertising A solar-powered annual report among the Grand Prix winners at Cannes
  19. Canneslist Advertising Our first look at the 2012 Grand Prix winners at the Cannes Lions
  20. Animlist Advertising These spectacular, surreal shorts for MTV by Kungen and Hertigen are near-perfect
  21. Gplist Advertising Spoof Greenpeace site creates hoax social campaign re Arctic drilling
  22. Jullien-brothers Film Brilliant catchy puppy-puppet ad by the Jullien Brothers for San Francisco SPCA
  23. Twitterlist Advertising A look at the new Twitter logo and what people are reading into it
  24. Grandmas Advertising Clever take on the oldest excuse in the book, here is Zonajobs' 'Grandma'
  25. Camsup Film Super sweet charity promo sees children take on the hardest word in the world
  26. Pingit Advertising Menacing youngster turns debt-collector in excellent ad for Barclays Pingit
  27. J20 Advertising BBH rebrand J20 with creepy cool new advert featuring some real party animals
  28. Fact Film A shapeshifting (and pregnant) James Franco out-runs the FCU in this unexpected video
  29. Tclist Advertising Amazingly beautiful collection of 18th Century business cards/announcements
  30. Frlist Advertising Graphic Thought Facility have a stonking new site with some stonking new work
  31. Nikead Advertising Wieden + Kennedy get it very right with new Nike football advert
  32. Sblist Advertising Spaceboy creates al fresco animation in Edinburgh as part of Red Stripe campaign
  33. Cklist Advertising Carl Kleiner's new work for Sony Experia and Creative Review is typically excellent
  34. Mzcanada Advertising Mark Zibert's single-take paralympic advert will give you goosebumps
  35. Bs Advertising Extraordinary short promo to promote personal nature of Alzheimer's disease
  36. Dadlist Advertising A look which creatives got Yellow Pencils at last night's D&AD awards
  37. Tedxsummit Film WE ARE Pi visualise TED to power of X in The Human Arabesque
  38. Psmain2 Advertising Stylish set design and art direction for a host of star names – we talk to Petra Storrs
  39. Button Advertising Wonderfully melodramatic flash stunt fun for TNT Belgium launch
  40. Fbsmall Advertising Effective if brutally pessimistic campaign from Ogilvy for bitters brand
  41. Kffront Advertising Hot dog - superb stuff via Karim Charlebois-Zariffa's new update
  42. Dw_01 Film Dan Wieden on the ever-changing television landscape
  43. Sks Advertising Amanda Boyle re-imagines popular meme for the NSPCC
  44. M_01 Advertising Insane video of a Mazda owning the wheel of death
  45. Naked-ambition Film Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors' Showcase 2012: Naked Ambition
  46. Mm Publication Mid-Century Ads: Advertising from the Mad Men Era
  47. Ss Film Doug Nichol: Sunshine
  48. Lynx Advertising BBH London: Lynx Brainy Girl
  49. Malta Advertising Caroline Selmes: Vodafone
  50. Ccfront Advertising Creative Circle 2012 Winners
  51. Club Film Heineken Open Design Explorations: Edition 1 The Club
  52. Ab Advertising Angry Birds Space: NASA Announcement
  53. G1 Advertising BBH: The Guardian Open Journalism Graphics
  54. Pigssss Advertising BBH: Three Little Pigs for The Guardian
  55. Gq Film The British GQ Comedy Special Trailer
  56. Nokia Film Nokia Lumia 800: The Little Amazing Show
  57. Snap Advertising Henry & Aaron: It's A Snap
  58. Post Advertising Jonathan May
  59. Dbfront Advertising Superbowl 2012 Adverts
  60. 5 Advertising Mobolaji Dawodu
  61. Nikefront Advertising What's On: Nike Make It Count 2012
  62. Nike Advertising Nike + Fuelband: Counts
  63. Dogs Film Keith Schofield: The Bark Side
  64. Bb Film Wimpy: Braille Burgers
  65. Chelt Advertising First Look 2012: Cheltenham Design Festival
  66. Main Advertising Janine Trott
  67. Front Advertising Sarah May
  68. Advertisingsm Advertising Review of the Year 2011: Advertising
  69. Fh Advertising Wieden+Kennedy: Honda Civic Follow Happy
  70. Kasabian Film FOAM: Football Gaming Live
  71. Fap Advertising The Future of Advertising Podcast
  72. Rsfront Advertising Bookshelf: Rory Sutherland
  73. Brainfront Advertising We are Pi: Ideas United
  74. Rs1 Publication The Wiki Man: Rory Sutherland
  75. Estateagents Advertising Real Impact Productions: Under Offer
  76. Oliviero-toscani Advertising Oliviero Toscani
  77. Hbfront Advertising Lisa Zeitlhuber: Hubba Bubba
  78. Monks Advertising Nike: Running Monks
  79. Drink Advertising Byturen
  80. Post Film Johnny Kelly: Back to the Start