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  1. Grandmas

    Barring only “the dog ate my homework” or the classic dental appointment, the excuse of a death in the family (usually of the elderly female variety) has been utilised through time to get out of only the most boring, or most terrifying situations – often in the workplace. In this clever little advert, we see Grandma having a little bit of a tough time (getting pumped full of machine gun bullets, or peering into a car where a bomb-layer is detonating his handiwork) which is primarily the reason why this would never grace television sets in the UK. It seems the guys in Buenos Aires, where this ad was made, have got a bit more of a relaxed way of looking at the world and we like.

  2. Camsup

    Fillmmakers long ago hit on a formula for charity appeal videos, particularly those featuring kids and/or underprivileged countries – ladle on the pathos, pull on the heart strings and wait for the cash to roll in. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see a different take from Mathieu Cuvelier, Lucy Crook and The Viral Factory who challenged a class of uber-cute Cambodian kids to say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious as part of a fundraising promo for About Asia Schools. Obviously some people will find it cloyingly twee but if you’re in need of a lift, you could do a lot worse than watch on. And check out the eyebrow/nostril control of the two lads at the end…

  3. Pingit

    Being funny is not easy, particularly when there’s an ulterior motive to the giggle-mongering so it’s well worth flagging up when adverts get it right in this respect. For those reasons it makes sense to showcase this brilliant BBH spot for the Barclays Pingit app (directed by Becky martin) even though it’s been around for a few weeks – cute kid becomes menacing debt collector is a formula that could backfire but this young man nails it, and the reactions of the target and his co-workers add up to something really great. Interestingly it’s currently being used as an ad on YouTube and more than oner commenter has pointed out it’s the first promo they didn’t skip at the earliest opportunity. “Don’t touch me Steve…”

  4. J20

    Getting animals to boost an ad campaign is a tactic that dates back to prehistoric days (maybe) so it’s all the more noteworthy when you see it done well. The new J2O spot from BBH features a group of dogs turning up at a cats’ party and diffusing the predictable tension with the beverage in question. It’s the little touches that raise this above the rest – the smooching dog having his tummy tickled and the cat surreptitiously scooping a goldfish from its bowl. As a big departure for the brand, BBH had to get this right and it’s a well-executed if ever so slightly creepy effort.

  5. Fact

    “No fact too small. No celebrity too big. Fact Checkers Unit from SWAG Magazine will stop at nothing to check the most bizarre of facts.” Err, okay, sure. James Franco has been spotted on the subway in his third trimester so the fact checkers try desperately to work out why (and how) this could be. Now on it’s sixth episode, Fact Checkers is sponsored by Samsung (who may or may not want you to buy a Galaxy Note) so, of course, the supporting role is played by a mobile device. But hey, who cares, this is a terrific addition to the series, a real corker of an advert and I think I speak for most of us when I say I’d watch Franco no matter what he was being paid to pedal. Happy Friday!

  6. Tclist

    Hey there. How’s your day going? Just ok? Well stick this in your downbeat pipe and breathe in the beauty because this is wonderful. We’ve flagged up the excellent Spitalfields Life blog before but they’ve gone to stunning new heights with this collection of 18th century traders’ cards and adverts. Anyone who’s read American Psycho knows the many connotations which can be attached to the humble business card but this was a simpler time when a linen draper could put a picture of a massive fish on their card for no apparent reason. Collected from the Bishopsgate Institute’s archives this is a fascinating glimpse into graphic design’s distant past with certain tricks echoing down the ages. Oh and it includes William Hogarth’s business card. And exhale…

  7. Frlist

    There’s some simple things in life that make us inordinately happy. Finding some delicious cheese you forgot you had in the fridge say, or seeing someone walk into a lamppost while trying to text. Up there with fromage-finding and street-level slapstick is hearing that a well-respected graphic design agency has a new website, and today has been well and truly made by Graphic Thought Facility’s beautiful new portal.

  8. Nikead

    Nike’s summer football adverts are always a big deal and they’ve done it again with the just-released My Time Is Now promo. Produced by Wieden + Kennedy it’s a quick, slick, high-energy narrative with tongue nicely in cheek. The basic premise sees thousands of wannabe footballers invading the pitches where their heroes are playing in a sporting swarm whose potential is released by a combination of self-belief and Nike boots. There’s plenty of big names (Guardiola, Ronaldo, and Neymar for example) a beast of a soundtrack and a scene where some langoustines get trampled. What more could you want?

  9. Sblist

    The phrase stop-motion conjures up images of pasty-faced obsessives hunched over their painstaking creations in darkened studios, but Scottish artist Spaceboy is reclaiming the genre with an alfresco piece just unveiled in Edinburgh.

  10. Cklist

    Swedish photographer Carl Kleiner constantly piques our interest with his inventive, imaginative and impressive work for big name clients. Never one to compromise his relentless high standards, his newest projects combine visual flair with clever concepts in the way we’ve come to expect from him. For the Creative Review Annual cover he photographed the letter A on two slabs of marble while for Sony Experia he has created a brilliant series of vibrant shots squeezed into the dimensions of the phone. A masterclass in creativity as ever.

  11. Mzcanada

    The organisers of London 2012 are determined that this year’s Paralympic Games are not seen as the bridesmaid to its counterpart but as admirable an aim that may be, the vast majority of the creative work we are seeing concern the other games. So it’s really refreshing to see a video like this from Canadian photographer/director Mark Zibert aimed at inspiring potential paralympic athletes. Shot in one continuous take, it’s atmospheric, powerful and hugely inspirational, exploring one runner’s journey back to the track.

  12. Bs

    Sometimes an ad blows us with away through sheer effort and we’re wowed as much by the planning, time and expense as by the finished product. But at other times organisations show they appreciate that in the information-saturated shouting match the modern media landscape sometimes resembles, whispering can be the most effective way to get a message across. This short spot by Rethink Communications for the Alzheimer’s Society of British Columbia is incredibly communicative and moving, bringing the charity’s “Protect your Memories” campaign to life with simplicity and pathos. It reminded me of the first few minutes of Up in its less-is-more approach, which is just about the highest creative yardstick I can use.

  13. Dadlist

    With a big 50th anniversary bash coming in September (along with the dishing out of the coveted Black Pencils) the D&AD awards took on a slightly different format last night as creatives convened to find out who was going home with a Yellow Pencil.

  14. Tedxsummit

    Representing the multiplicity of ideas and the people presenting them, TEDxSUMMIT have once again enlisted Amsterdam-based creative talents WE ARE Pi to illustrate the point perfectly (once again) with a human kaleidoscope.

  15. Psmain2

    Particularly talented set deisgner and creative director Petra Storrs has been lavishly decorating the creative world for many years now. So with a portfolio bursting at the seams with marvellous costumes, well-sourced props and fantastical sets, we have asked Petra to share with us the secrets of her craft…

  16. Button

    I know we’re all bored of flashmobs in adverts but this is a nice twist on the idea to promote the TNT Channel’s launch in Belgium. With the idea that they are injecting some much-needed drama into the humdrum reality of everyday life, they set up a red button in a sleepy square and waited for passers-by to push it. The gloriously over-the-top way in which events unfolds is great fun, although there may be suspicions about quite how organic the set-up really is.

  17. Fbsmall

    When you watch Mad Men you are struck not just by the suits and the sexism but also by the happy-go-lucky approach to the actual ads they produce. It’s relentlessly shiny and upbeat full of promises about how your life WILL improve if you drive/smoke/drink what they tell you. Fast forward half a century and Don Draper would be aghast at this new campaign for Fernet-Branca bitters by Ogilvy. Rather than gloss over the life’s frustrations it revels in them and it’s massively effective in highlighting that contrary to what ad-land might have you believe, things are not always brilliant. A very good example of this kind of thing.

  18. Kffront

    Lesser creatives than Karim Charlebois-Zariffa might rest on having the best name in the business and churn out pedestrian work in place of anything interesting safe in the knowledge all those syllables are going to raise an admiring eyebrow. But KC-Z continues to work across a range of disciplines with real flair and imagination as his latest site update proves. There’s a Mexican pimped BMX ad for a Russian telecoms company installed upside down and flipped in photography for maximum effect (quite the response to a brief to do anything that includes the firm’s trademark two blue dots). There’s a car-parts typeface for AOL and a remote-controlled book/car made in conjunction with Sagmeister for BMW.

  19. Dw_01

    The birth of any new technology means, sometimes inevitably, the death of its precursor. Or does it? Last year, Think TV commissioned a six-part documentary series meant to explore the future of television as a viable media outlet now other platforms – namely, the internet – seem to be running the show. Interviewees included a broad range of clued-up “business leaders” and “industry luminaries”, all of whom added to the collective assertion that television, at least for now, is safe.

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