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    To mark the release of their latest Mixed Tape, Mercedes commissioned LA-based painter Sage Vaughn to create an exclusive artwork and went off to interview him at home about the piece. So far so good, but the video takes an unexpected turn when we are introduced to Sage’s grandma who gives us some insights into the artist’s work and inspirations. It’s a charming twist on the making-of type video with which we’re familiar and well worth a few minutes. More granny-based arts videos please creative types!

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    Sometimes decisions about what to post is based on in-depth reading around a project, at other times we’re pretty much hooked right away. So an orchestra of re-programmed modems, copiers and printers playing The Times They Are A-Changing (on this of all days as America goes to the polls)? Yes please. Chris Cairns’ spot for Brother is fun, technologically impressive and tight enough to pull of an ambitious idea. It’s what Dylan would have wanted…

  3. Plaza-figuriner_list

    How do you convince the public to buy an expensive watch? The standard method seems to be associating that watch with masculine pursuits and notoriously macho films stars. Travolta’s a pilot in his spare time and also owns a Breitling? I best get me one of those. Actually you know what, I’m more of a weekend motorbiking with George Clooney type, so make mine an Omega.

  4. Petalist

    If you’re someone who comes to It’s Nice That for stimulation of the intellectual kind, probably best to give this post a miss. Same goes if you don’t like gyrating – but for the rest of you, get ready for an absolutely killer advert involving all manner of phallic-vegetable-based fun. To mark World Vegan Day, campaigning organisation PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) commissioned Fallon to help put the message across that veganism can boost your sex drive. Creative directors Sam Hibbard and Dan Watts worked with director Sam Peacock to create this one-minute coming together (stop sniggering at the back) of the male form and the delicious fruits and vegetables which form the vegan diet.

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    You know which sector isn’t known for playful, colourful and communicative graphic design? The money management world, but that may be about to change thanks to those terrifically talented chaps and chapesses over at Isobel. On Trees is a tool designed to " help people review and plan their finances all in one place.." no wake up, because isobel have created two wonderfully simple teaser visuals using wool and plasticine under the strapline “Your money life neat and tidy.”

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    In an increasingly crowded marketplace and with everyone feeling the pinch financially, charities are having to work harder than ever to get their messages across (although note to charities, people with clipboards being overlay matey in the street are not the way forward!).

  7. Bflist

    There’s a few good examples of brands using social media in clever and funny ways to deflect criticism (the O2 Twitter feed has been a particular delight in recent months) but this spoof video from Bodyform is one of the best we’ve seen. Responding to a Facebook post accusing the brand of misleading millions of men with depictions of so-called “happy periods” amid imagery of horse riding and windsurfing, the brand’s ad agency Carat came up with this genius rebuttal from someone purporting to be the brand’s CEO Caroline Williams.

  8. Main2

    HarrimanSteel have proved to pretty much the whole world that it’s possible to take a relatively straightforward brief and make sure there’s fireworks (and axes) involved. Commissioned to rebrand DMAX Italia, they set out to make some pretty smashing idents based around cause-and-ffect contraptions.

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    In the advertising world, Rory Sutherland is less a man made of flesh and blood and more of a phenomenon made of ideas and rhetoric. Last year we were fortunate enough to publish The Wiki Man which brought together the Ogilvy executive creative director’s musings, blog posts and insights. Now the good folk at Animade and Moth Collective have brought one of Rory’s favourite behavioural anecdotes to life in this super animation based on his TED talk. It’s a great credit to its creators that the animation works perfectly in harmony with the excerpt rather than fighting with it for attention. Also, it’s nice to hear the phrase “dot matrix” on a Wednesday…

  10. Nikonlist

    Director Laura Bellingham has created a new advert for Nikon which is a marked shift from the Japanese camera giant’s previous approach. Whereas their last campaigns played more on how cameras shape and define our memories, Tears plays on the ambiguity of the action of crying and the many and varied contexts in which it occurs. It’s beautifully shot, treading the right line between moving and mawkish and it features not a single shot of either a camera or anyone taking a photograph. A simple idea, executed really well.

  11. Dadbplist

    Last night D&AD held its glitzy 50th birthday celebration in London where some of the biggest names from design and advertising came together to celebrate their craft. It’s fair to say that the organisation can split opinion but with a collection of design sirs among the luminaries present – Frank Smith, Jonny Ive and Paul Smith – as well as Lord Puttnam there’s little doubt that it has a place in the UK’s creative heritage.

  12. Trlist

    It’s well established now that in the socially-engaged world the way brands interact with their customers has changed, and there’s no going back. But recognising this new reality and responding to it in interesting, innovative and effective ways are two very different things, and that’s where The Rumpus Room comes in.

  13. Vsalist

    What’s the alchemy that goes into making a really great advert? We know it’s a combination of ideas, creativity, execution, relevance and impact but how can you really know if something’s going to be a hit? Well creative studio A Very Successful Business (aka Adam Morley and Dulcie Cowling) have got round this uncertainty by producing a set of Very Successful Adverts so you know they’re going to be good.

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    It was the defining question of last Christmas _ did you find Adam & Eve’s John Lewis advert a tearjerking reminder of what the holiday season could and should be about or did you find it unbearably smug and schmalzy? Either way it was hailed as monster success, scooping awards and apparently contributing to a bumper year for the store.

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    It’s Friday, the sun’s out and the weekend is peeping round the corner like a flirty maiden at a country show. So what better way to celebrate than by watching the UK Cup Stacking Champion. It was recorded by our chums at The Future Laboratory as an example of so-called faction marketing (fact/fiction) which they think will be one of the emerging trends of the next few months. Let’s hope so, because any excuse to watch this kind of thing and call it work and we’re so on board!

  16. Liquidlist

    It’s safe to say we’re pretty immersed in the Paralympics now, once we saw Richard Whitehead smash the men’s 200m finals we got totally hooked. In fact once all this sporting excellence departs from the capital we’re not really sure what we’re going to do with our spare time. Back to watching that box-set of The Wire probably.

  17. Jblist

    You’d think maybe that after coming up with the splendid name for their dedicated James Bond high definition movie channel, Sky 007, the marketing team might have been given some time off to bask in their glory, but it seems like they’ve been hard at it. Not content with the titular brilliance, they’ve just released this amazing trailer ahead of the launch with the slogan “All the Bonds in One Place.” And true to form that’s exactly what they’ve created, with a continuous car chase that flits between Lazenby, Moore, Connery, Brosnan, Craig and Dalton in a high-octane 90 seconds of Bond-based bombast. Admire the cars, the hairstyles and driving manoeuvres that make you stamp down on an imaginary brake every time. Take the afternoon team, you’ve DEFINITELY earned it.

  18. Sagmeister-list

    As graphic designers go, there’s few so notorious as Stefan Sagmeister. The Austrian creative has never shied away from controversy, from the nude publicity shots he used to promote his fledgling one-man studio to the, erm… nude publicity shots he used to promote that same studio’s appointment of a new partner. But there’s more to Sagmeister than just bare flesh and tube socks. As a designer he’s constantly pushed the boundaries of what the design elite, and latterly the general public, perceive to be good design, and in the process developed a globally recognised visual vernacular. You can’t mistake that Sagmeister style.

  19. Fifa13-4

    This is a story that about something that could have gone very wrong, but actually is very right. The launch of the new FIFA 13 game is a MASSIVE deal if you’re into that sort of thing, and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam were tasked with creating the ad campaign. It could have all been uber slick and uber laddy but this is a cool ad with a real sense of humour. It’s slick no doubt – with a Fatboy Slim remix as the soundtrack and cameos from a host of superstars (Lionel Messi, Joe Hart and um, Harry Redknapp) – but it’s also nicely knowing with neat touches like the console controller stained-glass window, the recreated living-rooms stadia and the youngster giving his own managerial masterclass. It certainly does what it’s meant to do but in a far less pompously bombastic way than we might have feared. Game on.

  20. Cblist

    For the first bit of this Carlton Draught beer advert from Clemenger BBDO’s Melbourne team it all felt a touch familiar. I suppose that a 1980s cop pastiche is not the most blindingly original idea but stick with it because I am struggling to recall one done this darn well. The soundtrack is ace, the set-pieces skewing familiar tropes of the genre genuinely laugh-out-loud and you get the point they are trying to make, so it ticks pretty much every box. Oh and the “Made from Beer” strapline is great too. Mine’s a pint…

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    My first introduction to the wonderful concept of the one-man band came from Dick van Dyke as he strutted his hapless stuff in Mary Poppins, but, like everything the old-set up was always likely to be modernised. But surely nobody would have predicted its latest incarnation as part of another excellent Wieden+ Kennedy Old Spice spot. With the help of former NFL player Terry Crews, they have (apparently) created a muscle-based musical ensemble. It’s a great watch (“Flame sax!”) but it’s when the promo ends when it gets seriously interesting, as the agency has worked with Vimeo to hand control of Terry’s muscles – and their musical counterparts – to us (brilliantly Terry even calls you out if you take too long getting involved). Sensational, silly and justifiably a viral hit. Exquisite.

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    If you haven’t been on Ben Kay’s famous blog on a Friday to pilfer what can only be described as the creme de la creme of internet share-ables, then I suggest you do so immediately. A copywriter, author and cultural commentator, Ben has managed to spice up our internet-riddled days with his articles and funny videos, and has now been kind enough to share his bookshelf. So read on, and find out just what exactly resides on the shelf of an ad-man who owns a stuffed tarantula…

  23. Sglist

    When it comes to scale and ambition, few ad agencies pull things off with quite the same panache as Saatchi & Saatchi. Their new Guinness spot Paint the Town Black (directed by Daniel Wolfe) sees a whole town getting ready for a celebration by covering themselves and their homes in black paint. It links in with the Arthur’s Day celebration of the iconic drink’s founder and has some really nice atmospheric touches, plus a cool soundtrack. We like.

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    It sounds like the dream combination – a big client and a very open brief – but more companies may follow suit based on this spot by Fred & Eric. The studio was asked by Channel 4 to come up with a creative way of plugging their new competition and they made a long-held ambition a reality – a live action, one-take coming together of handmade objects and perfectly-timed human interaction.

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    To take an ever-famous contemporary French graphic designer and pair them with the coolest shop in Paris is asking for trouble. Well, perhaps trouble’s the wrong word, because the result of this collaboration is some seriously drool-worthy postcards courtesy of Leslie David for Colette. Some satisfying thick daubs of fluorescent paint over some old Parisian postcards create lo-fi images pleasingly reminiscent of the 1950s horror film The Blob and, of course, makes you want to grab some stamps and send them to your trendier friends immediately.

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    Ever pored over the latest creative awards winners, baffled and bewildered over those who won and those who didn’t and wondered what on earth the judges were thinking? Well in a bold, welcome move D&AD have released a 13-minute behind-the-scenes film of the judging process for their much-coveted Black Pencils. Although the winners will not be announced until September 18, those final decisions are almost beside the point when weighed against the huge insights contained within this excellent piece. We can always disagree with the outcomes, but it’s fascinating to see how the process plays out and to hear first-hand why things could potentially stand or fall (it’s interesting for example to hear how the commercial success of a campaign is filtered in, if at all).

  27. Mrlist

    If the sign of any good spoof is its ability to create uncertainty then this new spot for Mintacular is spot-on. So well-observed is Wieden + Kennedy’s piece that for quite a while I was not entirely sure if it even was a spoof, until things started to unravel. Clearly a fond homage to Apple’s advertising, the job titles are brilliant and there’s an excellent line in David Brent style apparently-impressive but utterly meaningless or trite sound-bites – “From the moment you pick it up you instinctively know how to use it,” is a particular favourite. Very nicely done.

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    It’s more difficult than it looks to successfully capitalise on the massive feelgood factor generated by the Olympics (ask the organisers of the closing ceremony) but hats off to Adidas who kept it nice and simple. Take their roster of medallists including Sir Chris Hoy, Louis Smith, Jessica Ennis and Victoria Pendleton (dressed as a tiger no less) and get them to lip synch to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now and you’ve got yourself a pretty nailed on viral success. Kudos to for putting together the backing band from Olympic volunteer Gamesmakers, which shows they’re in tune with the public mood Silly, cheesy and fun in a good way.

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    Last night Team GB’s gold-medal-winning boxer Nicola Evans said the main thing she wanted to do after her triumph was “to go to Nando’s.” The quote spread like wildfire and bastion of British conservatism The Daily Telegraph even carried it on their front page this morning. One commentator suggested it was worth as much as McDonald’s multi-million pound sponsorship of the games and it brought into sharp relief the commercial competition being waged alongside the sporting action.

  30. Lenamain

    To be perfectly honest, there’s almost no need for The New Yorker to make much of a fuss about their new app which bears “the full content of the magazine, with multimedia extras, on the iPhone” as it’s a pretty much a sure-fire hit. Judging by the countless interviews with creatives/brains over the years who have mentioned their overwhelming stack of New Yorkers towering above them in their place of work, it seems to be that the the magazine comes out far too often, and is simply too good not to read.

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    As a culture surfing is synonymous with the carefree and fun-loving but there can be some serious sides too. The Surfers Against Sewage movement have launched a Protect our Waves campaign which aims to raise awareness of the increasing threat to some of the UK’s best-loved surf spots due to coastal developments, pollution, erosion and restricted access. To help get the message across they turned to photographer Spencer Murphy who created a really powerful invocation of the potential death of this much-loved sport. Not just aesthetically stunning, the images are also hugely immediate which is a huge boon to a cause that needs a little bit of explanation.

  32. Dtslist

    Catching up with old friends is always a pleasure, particularly when said friend is a stratospheric creative talent whose career is on an ever-upwards trajectory. Dan Tobin Smith was first posted on the site in 2008 and ever since then we have followed his work with delight. So when DTS updates his site it’s well worth a peruse and there’s the predictable appearance of killer projects showing off his uncanny ability to capture atmosphere across a versatile sweep of amazing projects. Not only that, but with the help of Studio Output Dan has created a dedicated site for his alphabet series which gives us a happy excuse to reacquaint ourselves with this superb set of still-lifes.

  33. Branding

    Some new print ventures are noteworthy for their groundbreaking ideas, taking on previously overlooked niche topics and hoping to attract readers through being the only place to indulge their enthusiasms. But others do something different and embrace big, well-worn themes in imaginative and innovative ways and that’s where the new Computer Arts Collection comes in. Published six times a year these thematic special editions cover graphic design, typography, illustration, branding, photography and advertising in turn featuring new talent, trends, in depth process pieces and studio guest editors. We spoke to CA editor Nick Carson about the new venture…

  34. Timeslist

    Walking to work at the moment involves trying to slalom around the many camera crews currently pounding the streets of London, which isn’t a great surprise given that there’s an estimated 21,000 journalists here for the Olympics. The Times has tackled this coming together with this striking set of photographs from Greg White along with some accompanying videos. The idea is simple enough – to photograph the paper’s sports writers suited and booted taking part in various athletic events – but the execution is exceptional and the results strike just the right balance between sublime and ridiculous.

  35. Nikelist

    We were pretty sure it was coming, we just didn’t know what form it might take. But in the Olympic battle to grab consumers’ attention during the London Games, Nike have released this Find Your Greatness spot in an attempt to ambush the multi-million pound sponsorship deal their great rivals Adidas secured. There’s no express mention of the games or the proscribed buzzwords non-partners are being banned from using, and it is filmed in locations called London across the globe, from the USA to South Africa. Due to be released in 25 countries at the same time as the Opening Ceremony takes place, it’s cheeky, clever and boasts trademark production values – the question is whether it will survive the draconian commercial rules imposed around the event.

  36. Jorgeprimo-list

    It’s searingly hot outside our studio this morning – the sun’s beating down on the brickwork and creating a stifling atmosphere within these four walls that’s causing beads of perspiration to appear on foreheads and bare legs to stick uncomfortably to soft furnishings. Finally summer is here! So we can gripe about the heat in the same way we’ve griped about the rain for the past month.

  37. Shlist

    If you’re going to run a 90 second roadblock advert across 78 TV channels then you better make sure it’s an impressive piece – and my goodness did Channel 4 get it right last night. Their Meet the Superhumans promo for the upcoming paralympics was a sublime piece of of creative work, managing to be slick, stylish and inspirational all at once. Set to Public Enemy’s Harder Than You Think 4Creative’s team put together a film that had pace, punch and pathos and, if we’re honest, put many of the other Olympic ad campaigns to shame. It’s interesting to note that this is the second excellent spot connected to the paralympics after Mark Zibert’s extraordinary work for the Canadian paralympic team released earlier this year.

  38. Jilly-ballistic

    “Who the hell is Jilly Ballistic?” the only question on the lips of New York subway users over the past few weeks (aside from the usual queries on where the powerful smell of pee comes from). In answer to this question we’re proud to say, we’re not too sure either. The only thing we know for certain is that he/she is making street art thought provoking again without using the heavy-handed slogans we’ve all become so accustomed to ignoring.

  39. Podcast-list

    Inspired by the goings-on down on the south coast of France as adland’s finest descended on Cannes for the Lions, we decided it was time for the It’s Nice That podcast to take a look at all things advertising.

  40. Applist

    Now don’t judge me here, but there are few phrases that strike as much fear into my heart as “contemporary dance” which conjures up images of intense, wild-eyed lycra bunnies trying to encapsulate “mendacity.” For two hours. With that in mind anything that can pierce the glazed safety mode the phrase induces is clearly doing something special, so three cheers for Pentagram’s Abbott Millet and his new iPad App Fifth Wall for performing arts magazine 2wice.