1. Sean-pecknold-nicolas-godin-orca-its-nice-that-list Animation Surreal set design and ace direction for new Air spin-off project vid
  2. Blur-ong-ong-video-its-nice-that-list Animation Damon dressed as an ice-cream cone and 80s animation in nuts new Blur vid
  3. Marc-and-emma-bts-itsnicethat-list Animation New and utterly irresistible animation from filmmaking duo Marc & Emma
  4. Universaleverything-sydneyoperahouse-itsnicethat-list Animation Universal Everything project hand-drawn animations on Sydney Opera House
  5. Brian-wilson-california-inspires-me-its-nice-that-list- Animation Brian Wilson discusses writing God Only Knows in beautifully drawn animation
  6. Lie Animation Chinese animator Lei Lei reflects on sadness
  7. Treat-studios-adultswim-idents-its-nice-that-list Animation Some suitably weird, terrifying new Adult Swim idents
  8. Unnamed-1 Animation Intricate GIFs depicting modern life from illustrator Rebecca Mock
  9. Artandgraft-thewalk-itsnicethat-list Animation Art & Graft takes us on a breathtaking animated walk
  10. Schooloflife-love-itsnicethat-list Animation Great animation suggests "love is an illusion, we're all alone"
  11. Montypython-itsnicethat-main Animation Stephen Hawking covers the best Monty Python song animation ever
  12. Beach-bums-itsnicethat-list Animation Like Spongebob Squarepants on acid! New animated psychedelia by TGNSF
  13. Hands-int-7-list Animation Hands studio makes informative animation fun and engaging!
  14. Htc-homepage-list4 HTC Pursuit of Brilliance Four speakers reflect on The Pursuit of Brilliance in charming HTC animation
  15. Animade-propz-int-list Animation Ball Sacks and Wizard Wands: all Animade's glorious Propz in one place
  16. Beakus-philippa-perry-int-list Animation Beakus freshens up The Guardian's excellent agony aunt series
  17. Beakus-bl-14-int Animation New animation from Beakus answers the age-old question, what is Magna Carta?
  18. Dischi-list-2 Orlebar Brown Masters of Print Animated Pucci patterns in Orlebar Brown's Masters of Print campaign
  19. Californiasunday-markmothersbaugh-int-main Animation Animated interview with Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh about his life in California
  20. Josephmann-int-1 Animation Joseph Mann animates a bunch of rats getting pissed in a pub
  21. Davidgalasse-skate-int-main- Animation Funny animation runs through a brief history of skateboarding
  22. Wongping-doggylove-int Animation Teenage lust, bowling and boobies in this rude animation by Wong Ping
  23. Joebichard-petportrait-8-int Animation Jiggly puppets slapping bass in new video for Pet Portrait from Joe Bichard
  24. Field-resonate-identity-int-list Animation Field's work for Resonate 2015 is a storm of limbs and CGI objects
  25. David-oreilly-adult-swim-list Animation David OReilly is killing it with his work for Adult Swim
  26. Mothcollective-ani-7-int_copy Animation Moth Collective works towards saving the rainforest, one animation at a time
  27. Christian-borstlap-de-bijenkorf-int-list Animation Christian Borstlap and pals shout about de Bijenkorf's new artist's residency
  28. Reffmercy-old-english-int-list Animation Chopping chickens and boolin' with slimes in Ruffmercy's new video
  29. Adam_wells_breaching_the_seawall_1 Animation Adam Wells' poignant animation narrates one woman's modern love
  30. Doug-hindson-disconnect-int8 Animation Tearjerking animation explores our unhealthy relationship with technology
  31. Menard-list Animation Awesome Nicolas Ménard animation of Jack Black’s prog rock tale
  32. List Animation Great video collage shows what 24 hours of news looks like
  33. Main Animation Captivating animation to promote the musical return of Laura Marling
  34. Main1 Music Check out this brand new video for Panda Bear's Boys Latin
  35. List Animation PES is back with another stonewall stop-motion classic, Submarine Sandwich
  36. List Jameson The Jameson Works Come to a live Q&A with Wild Beasts for a new collab with The Jameson Works!
  37. List Animation Tord Torpe and Magnus Nyquist create an animated ode to libraries
  38. Main Animation The much-anticipated new episode of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
  39. List-2 Animation The Layzell Bros create an animated ode to 90s slang for i-D
  40. List Animation Buck animates the future of the internet
  41. List Animation Colourful and musical animations from Drew Tyndell
  42. List-3 Music Stevie Gee has finally met his match in Archie Bronson Outfit!
  43. List2 Animation Fantastic animations for Harvard's online neuroscience course
  44. Listtttt Animation Water, water everywhere – arresting VFX experiments from Lumiere Studios
  45. Ffff Animation Dave Fothergill’s VFX demo marries chaos and slick software mastery
  46. List Animation Santtu Mustonen creates a psychedelic animation from discarded sketches
  47. List Animation Animated shenanigans and Snoop Dogg in Tomás Peña's amazing video
  48. List Music We speak to director Tom Jobbins on his excellent new video for Tune-Yards
  49. List Music Stunning promo for Jon Hopkins sees Rob Hunter's illustrations in motion
  50. Main Animation Hilarious animation sees a bunch of odd creatures experiment with online dating
  51. List Animation Eoin Duffy's Oscar-nominated George Takei short released in full online
  52. Main1 Animation Rami Niemi explains how beans turn into farts for Men's Health
  53. Drippedlist Animation Delightful animation pays homage to Jackson Pollock
  54. Main Animation A bunch of grueseome GIFs from animator Mattis Dovier
  55. Main Animation Amy Lockhart's animation of a collagist has an enduring charm
  56. Main Animation Naughty summer animation with a twist, check out Cream Tease
  57. New_list Animation Everyone's talking about this very impressive animation by Jack Sachs
  58. List Animation Here’s a deliciously filthy animation for Quelle Chris to turn your face red (NSFW)
  59. Kenzhero3 Animation Fashion prints brought to life in Thomas Traum’s films
  60. List Animation Parabella's stunning animated short about artist and destroyer Marilyn Myller
  61. List Animation First look at The Simpsons/Family Guy crossover from Comic-Con
  62. Main Animation Funny Cantonese animation about making ice lollies out of a girl's sweat
  63. List Animation Morph is back, and he’s spinning, scratching and beat matching like a tiny plasticine pro
  64. List Animation Treat Studios have created a mesmerising animation of a footballer's anatomy
  65. Main Animation Greenpeace's controversial animation urges LEGO to stop promoting Shell Oil
  66. Main Animation Fabrice le Nezet releases an astonishing, surreal animation called Mother
  67. List Animation Incredible animation shows a crazy dystopian future where breathing is outlawed
  68. List Animation Freddy Arenas' beautiful animation for the New York Times tells the story of true love
  69. List Advertising Tom Darracott and Carl Burgess are together again for a new campaign for Loft
  70. List Animation Animation: This stop motion fighting animation made with woollen puppets is the best
  71. List Animation Web: We chat to the brains behind beautiful animated music procrastination site Patatap
  72. List Music Animation: Is Tharsis Sleeps the most badass music video ever made? Yes. Yes it is
  73. List Animation World Cup 2014: Iconic World Cup moments reimagined as five second films in new series Fives
  74. List Film Animation: Cowgirls and magic 8-balls star in Daniela Sherer's Western-inspired music video
  75. List Jaguar #LiveFearless #LiveFearless: Our final look at creative risk-taking comes from the brilliant Becky & Joe
  76. List Animation Animation: Wayne The Stegosaurus is one of the most charming animated characters we've ever met!
  77. List-2 Animation Animation: Take a train into a seriously trippy fantasy land in this Russian music video
  78. 1 Animation Animation: Luca Tóth's funny new short champions life's frustrating moments
  79. List Animation Illustration: Ville Savimaa creates a fantastical wonderland for a Copenhagen theme park
  80. List Advertising Animation: PES is back with a fantastically violent swan massacre short